2021 World Series of Poker

Event #74: $2,500 Big Bet Mix
Days: 1

Hughes Hits Perfect Runout

Level 4
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes

Big O

Ryan Hughes just eliminated an opponent with an insane runout that he just shared.

According to Hughes, he raised to 800 from the small blind and got a call from the big blind and the cutoff.

On a {j-}{8-}{7-} flop, Hughes bet 1,700, the big blind raised the size of the pot, the cutoff folded, then Hughes re-potted to put the big blind all-in and he called.

Big Blind Player: {a-}{2-}{7-}{7-}{5-}
Ryan Hughes: {a-}{a-}{k-}{7-}{2-}

Hughes' aces and nut-low draw were behind his opponent's set of sevens, but running {8-}{8-} came in for Hughes, giving him the better full house, and eliminating his opponent.

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Ryan Hughes us
Ryan Hughes
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