Event #51: $400 Colossus

David Jackson Eliminated in 11th Place ($32,130)

AndrewK47 • Level 42: 1,500,000-3,000,000, 3,000,000 ante
David Jackson

Action picked up when David Jackson moved all in for roughly 26,000,000 and was called by Paul Hizer who had him covered.

David Jackson: {a-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}
Paul Hizer: {a-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

On the flop of {8-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{3-Clubs} it was Jackson now in the lead with his pair of fives. The {4-Spades} hit the turn and Jackson only needed to fade the queen. The river came the {q-Hearts} and the roller-coaster of a hand saw Jackson eliminated in 11th place.

Player Chips Progress
Paul Hizer gb
Paul Hizer
gb 117,000,000 32,000,000
David Jackson us
David Jackson
us Busted

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