Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop

Riess Doubles Up, Nearly Even with Allis

blaisebourgeois • Level 43: Blinds 1,500,000-3,000,000, 3,000,000 ante
Ryan Riess

Ryan Riess shoved his 53,000,000 and Mike Allis called.

Ryan Riess: {a-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}
Mike Allis: {q-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}

Riess had Allis dominated and stayed ahead on the {8-Spades}{7-Spades}{4-Spades} flop.

The {10-Hearts} turn was no help for Allis, who needed a queen to win the bracelet.

However, a {10-Diamonds} would hit the river and Riess doubled up back to nearly even.

Player Chips Progress
Mike Allis us
Mike Allis
us 119,000,000 -56,000,000
Ryan Riess us
Ryan Riess
us 109,000,000 56,000,000

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