Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop
Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop
Day 2 Completed

Jorge Walker Leads at End of Day 2 in Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop

lewispowell2000 • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jorge Walker
Jorge Walker

Day 2 of Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop No-Limit Hold'em at the 2022 World Series of Poker in its new home at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas saw 1,271 players return to their seats from a starting field of 5,702. Many players who were eliminated from the Main Event joined the field, as 319 players survived at the end of the day to bag up their chips.

The chip leader is Jorge Walker (3,665,000) who started the day with 126,500 and ran up his stack throughout the day. Walker is an experienced player with almost $700,000 earned in live tournaments including a fifth-place finish this World Series in Event #4: $1,500 Dealer's Choice where he won just over $25,000. He has put himself in good standing for another deep run.

Event #71: $1,111 One More for One Drop Top 10 Chip Counts

PlacePlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Jorge WalkerUnited States3,665,000183
2Andrew MorenoUnited States2,470,000124
3Benjamin ThomasUnited States2,345,000117
4Sejo KasicCroatia2,300,000115
5Dragos TrofimovMoldova2,210,000111
6Michael StephensonUnited States2,160,000108
7Ryan RiessUnited States2,110,000106
8Joao SimaoBrazil2,075,000104
9Kfir NahumIsrael2,070,000104
10Dylan CechowskiFrance2,050,000103

Other players who bagged big at the end of the day include Sejo Kasic (2,300,000), Michael Stephenson (2,160,000) and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Joao Simao (2,075,0000), who all bagged more than two million chips.

Notables who will be advancing include Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker (1,550,000) and WSOP bracelet winner David Williams (1,560,000) in addition to Event #61: Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship final tableist Christina Gollins (1,600,000) and Lily Kiletto (1,900,000).

Both Mateusz Moolhuizen (970,000) and Francis Anderson (875,000) will return, hoping for another deep run at the series having come second and third in Event #21: $1,500 Monster Stack No-Limit Hold'em for $597,362 and $449,912 respectively.

Notables who were eliminated after the bubble burst included Davidi Kitai and William Kassouf.

Action will resume on Monday, July 11th, at 12 p.m. local time. They will play ten 60-minute levels with a 15-minute break every two levels and a 60-minute dinner break after Level 26 at approximately 6:30 p.m. Blinds will start at 10,000/20,000 with a 20,000 big blind ante.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continuing live coverage until another WSOP bracelet winner is determined.

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Seat Draw For Day 3

YorkshirePud • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Bally's4801Ross LantzyUnited States800,00040
Bally's4802Naichang ChenUnited States285,00014
Bally's4803Kuenwai LoChina610,00031
Bally's4804Hirokazu MiyoshiJapan340,00017
Bally's4805Allyson HaimUnited States180,0009
Bally's4806Ionut VoineaUnited Kingdom1,200,00060
Bally's4807Ranno SootlaEstonia1,475,00074
Bally's4809Hugo Torres Da SilvaBrazil335,00017
Bally's4811George SanfordUnited States165,0008
Bally's4812Louise FrancoeurUnited States190,00010
Bally's4813David WilliamsUnited States1,560,00078
Bally's4814Hung LeUnited States655,00033
Bally's4815James CarrollUnited States1,030,00052
Bally's4816Melvin BraswellUnited States280,00014
Bally's4817Timon RooneyUnited States255,00013
Bally's4818Michael SteinbacherUnited States350,00018
Bally's4821Andrew FriedhofenUnited States610,00031
Bally's4822Kenneth DonoghueUnited States145,0007
Bally's4823Dragos TrofimovUnited Kingdom2,210,000111
Bally's4824Josh WeissUnited States540,00027
Bally's4825Yi KlassenUnited States440,00022
Bally's4826Shiva DudaniUnited States1,105,00055
Bally's4827Scott BohlmanUnited States740,00037
Bally's4828David FishbaumUnited States675,00034
Bally's4829Mike StellaUnited States195,00010
Bally's4831Zachary DeneenUnited States350,00018
Bally's4832Michael ScarboroughUnited States495,00025
Bally's4833Thai DinhUnited States710,00036
Bally's4834Daniel MagnusonUnited States935,00047
Bally's4835John GorsuchUnited States135,0007
Bally's4836Alan FindlayUnited Kingdom180,0009
Bally's4837Ren LinUnited States585,00029
Bally's4838Bruce UselmanUnited States920,00046
Bally's4839Jacky WongCanada570,00029
Bally's4841Donald BlissUnited States480,00024
Bally's4842Christina GollinsUnited States1,600,00080
Bally's4843Michael ThachUnited States1,535,00077
Bally's4844Karaminder DhillonUnited States370,00019
Bally's4845Elia AhmadianUnited States230,00012
Bally's4846Raphael TenenbaumAustria890,00045
Bally's4847Ekrem BozkurtUnited States1,380,00069
Bally's4848Jorge WalkerUnited States3,665,000183
Bally's4849Li ChenUnited States408,00020
Bally's4851Sheldon GrossUnited States560,00028
Bally's4852Anson TsangHong Kong625,00031
Bally's4853Vincent CiarrocchiUnited States285,00014
Bally's4854Salah NimerUnited States701,00035
Bally's4855Rebecca CampbellUnited States515,00026
Bally's4856Neel JoshiIndia1,005,00050
Bally's4857Michael StephensonUnited States2,160,000108
Bally's4858Ryan RiessUnited States2,110,000106
Bally's4859Matthew LernerUnited States285,00014
Bally's4881Dimitrios GkatzasGreece290,00015
Bally's4882Clement BonnantUnited States440,00022
Bally's4883Rio FujitaUnited States650,00033
Bally's4884Alton MendlesonUnited States530,00027
Bally's4885Michael CervantesUnited States1,735,00087
Bally's4886Kenji HamamotoJapan170,0009
Bally's4887Leonardo DesouzaBrazil1,970,00099
Bally's4888Joao Simao PeresBrazil2,075,000104
Bally's4889Jonas HagstromSweden805,00040
Bally's4891Yosef BrandweinUnited States405,00020
Bally's4892Ryan PhamUnited States1,410,00071
Bally's4893Avraham TamamUnited Kingdom330,00017
Bally's4894Daniel SingerUnited States1,500,00075
Bally's4895Atanas KodinovUnited States615,00031
Bally's4896SheLok WongUnited States1,105,00055
Bally's4897Janet WyvillUnited States170,0009
Bally's4898Michael AcevedoCosta Rica625,00031
Bally's4899Brent FranciaUnited States830,00042
Bally's4901Eran SofferIsrael, , IL220,00011
Bally's4902Farhad DavoudzadehUnited States1,030,00052
Bally's4903Nadav CohenSingapore240,00012
Bally's4904Jong KimUnited States1,225,00061
Bally's4905Remy MurciaFranceFrance670,00034
Bally's4906Altynai FungUnited States795,00040
Bally's4907Adekunle OlonohUnited States320,00016
Bally's4908Blair HinkleUnited States445,00022
Bally's4909Mihai NisteRomania761,00038
Bally's4911Christopher PaolinoUnited States1,145,00057
Bally's4912Brian VazquezUnited States285,00014
Bally's4913Shouyi GaoUnited States280,00014
Bally's4914Daniel BunceUnited States820,00041
Bally's4915Soheb PorbandarwalaUnited States680,00034
Bally's4916Paulo JoanelloBrazil480,00024
Bally's4917Jose DelosreyesUnited States300,00015
Bally's4918Safwane BahriFrance245,00012
Bally's4919Shane ProfittUnited States485,00024
Bally's4921Tijan TepehUnited States1,205,00060
Bally's4922Christopher WilsonCanada585,00029
Bally's4923Giuseppe GalluzzoCanada555,00028
Bally's4924Dan WilsonIreland650,00033
Bally's4925Fabiano KovalskiBrazil630,00032
Bally's4926Daniel PereiraPortugal620,00031
Bally's4927Narimaan AhmadiUnited States530,00027
Bally's4928Sumeet WayachalUnited States935,00047
Bally's4929Tarun GoyalIndia285,00014
Bally's4931Kevin MeyersUnited States290,00015
Bally's4932Cory SkolnikUnited States500,00025
Bally's4933DID NOT REPORT 1United States430,00022
Bally's4934Andrew RobinsonUnited States1,645,00082
Bally's4935Aaron MotoyamaUnited States685,00034
Bally's4936Chris MoneymakerUnited States1,155,00058
Bally's4937Peter HengsakulUnited States585,00029
Bally's4938Laurie TournierBrazil1,000,00550
Bally's4939John ThorntonUnited States450,00023
Bally's4971Marc GoldmanUnited States230,00012
Bally's4972David ChildsUnited States565,00028
Bally's4973Saul ColemanUnited States575,00029
Bally's4974Daniel GarciaUnited States1,850,00093
Bally's4975Joseph GordonUnited States320,00016
Bally's4976Kyle LazzaroUnited States635,00032
Bally's4977Patrick MartorellaUnited States1,635,00082
Bally's4978Ivan DeyraFrance810,00041
Bally's4979Marc LangeUnited States645,00032
Bally's4981Nicholas Sena-HopkinsUnited States340,00017
Bally's4982David Larson (CA)United States540,00027
Bally's4983Steve KarpUnited States705,00035
Bally's4984Keyavash HemyariUnited States975,00049
Bally's4985Aleksandr TishchenkoUnited States200,00010
Bally's4986Mike AllisUnited States460,00023
Bally's4987Randy GordonUnited States1,115,00056
Bally's4988Tony GordyUnited States550,00028
Bally's4989Tony MilesUnited States200,00010
Bally's4991Frantisek JiroutSweden1,090,00055
Bally's4992Sean ConklinUnited States370,00019
Bally's4993Anderson CardosoBrazil1,150,00058
Bally's4994Sejo KasicUnited States2,300,080115
Bally's4995Nathaniel ZollerUnited States80,0004
Bally's4996Vineet PahujaUnited States855,00043
Bally's4997Guilherme DecastroUnited States865,00043
Bally's4998Cesar AndradeUnited States310,00016
Bally's4999Joon KimUnited States350,00018
Bally's5001Robert ChorlianUnited States620,00031
Bally's5002Shawn BuchananCanada265,00013
Bally's5003Alan JeevanathanUnited States340,00017
Bally's5004Robert PorterUnited States405,00020
Bally's5005Jacek KowalskiUnited States400,00020
Bally's5006William McphillipsUnited States605,00030
Bally's5007Umut MeralerUnited States405,00020
Bally's5008Mohamed MobeenCanada920,00046
Bally's5009Filipp KhavinUnited States415,00021
Bally's5011Romain LottiUnited States790,00040
Bally's5012Tim ReillyUnited States700,00035
Bally's5013Brian RoffUnited States845,00042
Bally's5014Nan LiUnited States210,00011
Bally's5015Julian BonorrisUnited States645,00032
Bally's5016Christopher TurnbullCanada295,00015
Bally's5017Henrik JunckerDenmark275,00014
Bally's5018James CzarneckiUnited States840,00042
Bally's5019Rui Bouquetportugal1,280,00064
Bally's5021Tony VoUnited States720,00036
Bally's5022Gabriel AndradeEcuador350,00018
Bally's5023Vanessa AmesUnited States620,00031
Bally's5024Nicolas PlantinFrance590,00030
Bally's5025Basel ChauraUnited States1,310,00066
Bally's5026Mateusz MoolhuizenNetherlands970,00049
Bally's5027Tyler SchmidtUnited States675,00034
Bally's5028Edgar F ManosalvaUnited States10
Bally's5029Austin McCormickUnited States615,00031
Bally's5071Carlos ChuUnited States520,00026
Bally's5072Mathias DuarteUruguay1,730,00087
Bally's5073Niko KoopGermany530,00027
Bally's5074Mike HeshmatiUnited States610,00031
Bally's5075Vladislav MezheritskyUnited States210,00011
Bally's5076Nathan PittsUnited States1,295,00065
Bally's5077Kfir NahumUnited States2,070,000104
Bally's5078Matthias KribbenGermany910,00046
Bally's5079Gurpreet Sin LubanaCanada665,00033
Bally's5081Andrew DubuqueUnited States1,090,00055
Bally's5082Simon LefebvreCanada810,00041
Bally's5083Russell AlesiUnited States225,00011
Bally's5084Seyed JafariUnited States850,00043
Bally's5085Arash AsadabadiUnited States615,00031
Bally's5086Derrick ContrerasUnited States455,00023
Bally's5087Benjamin ThomasUnited States2,345,000117
Bally's5088Brian JohnsonUnited States340,00017
Bally's5089Gabriel PragasRomania1,085,00054
Bally's5091Steven SakladUnited States10
Bally's5092Brian MckayCanada510,00026
Bally's5093Martin GavascinapoletanoArgentina215,00011
Bally's5094Michael NewtonUnited States255,00013
Bally's5095Sandeep PulusaniUnited States395,00020
Bally's5096Julian MenhardtGermany300,00015
Bally's5097Fiodor Martinoitaly500,00025
Bally's5098William KoenigUnited States705,00035
Bally's5099Christopher DowUnited States620,00031
Bally's5101Rafael LebronUnited States1,105,00055
Bally's5102David YuUnited States255,00013
Bally's5103Boris AkopovUnited States1,420,00071
Bally's5104Jerwin PascoPhilippines1,280,00064
Bally's5105Sean BaikUnited States440,00022
Bally's5106Farhad SinaeiUnited States380,00019
Bally's5107Aaron FreiUnited States835,00042
Bally's5108Craig McconvilleUnited States780,00039
Bally's5109Niklas WarlichUnited States1,185,00059
Bally's5111Mykhailo LendelUnited States585,00029
Bally's5112Chad KumeUnited States825,00041
Bally's5113Fabrizio GonzalezUruguay610,00031
Bally's5114Matthew RiebelUnited States120,0006
Bally's5115Tim GerwigAustria880,00044
Bally's5116Houston WhiteUnited States1,055,00053
Bally's5117Mark MarascoUnited States405,00020
Bally's5118Johnpaul CaoUnited States520,00026
Bally's5119Ahmed KarrimSouth Africa1,975,00099
Bally's5121Aleksandar TomovicRussia230,00012
Bally's5122Pete MalesUnited States1,155,00058
Bally's5123Robert JonesUnited States300,00015
Bally's5124Dena PearlmanUnited States330,00017
Bally's5125Koen BreedNetherlands1,105,00055
Bally's5126Francis AndersonUnited States875,00044
Bally's5127Dror BarlevIsrael175,0009
Bally's5128Jake DanielsUnited States815,00041
Bally's5129Joffrey LhoteFrance490,00025
Bally's5171Paul RadfordUnited States230,00012
Bally's5172Valdemar KwaysserHungary945,00047
Bally's5173Aaron EarthmanUnited States560,00028
Bally's5174Melanie WeisnerUnited States220,00011
Bally's5175Garith RodgersUnited States720,00036
Bally's5176Vincent LamCanada780,00039
Bally's5177Mamoon Al RubayeeUnited States1,005,00050
Bally's5178Noam MuallemUnited States1,235,00062
Bally's5179Dustin NelsonUnited States360,00018
Bally's5181Michael NealUnited States385,00019
Bally's5182Nate SilverUnited States545,00027
Bally's5183Leonardo Sausen VerleBrazil300,00015
Bally's5184Andre ButlerUnited States200,00010
Bally's5185Aditya RaoUnited States320,00016
Bally's5186Rami OweraUnited States1,050,00053
Bally's5187Steven StoutUnited States370,00019
Bally's5188Jason R BellamyUnited States1,175,00059
Bally's5189George TomescuRomania830,00042
Bally's5191Greg CollinsUnited States340,00017
Bally's5192Nenad DukicRussia1,465,00073
Bally's5193Christopher KauliaUnited States510,00026
Bally's5194Matthew ZolaUnited States135,0007
Bally's5195Rintaro NaitoJapan695,00035
Bally's5196Vladimir RevniagaUnited States295,00015
Bally's5197Daniel MontagnolliAustralia1,385,00069
Bally's5198Jintae YangSouth Korea470,00024
Bally's5199Larisa EvloevaUnited States280,00014
Bally's5201Shashank JainIndia1,630,00082
Bally's5202Gustavo LopesBrazil310,00016
Bally's5203Donald MullisUnited States260,00013
Bally's5204Ayman QutamiUnited States655,00033
Bally's5205Antonin TeisseireFrance260,00013
Bally's5206Valentin OberhauserUnited States1,125,00056
Bally's5207Liran BetitoIsrael1,165,00058
Bally's5208Ran KollerIsrael1,075,00054
Bally's5209Kobi RibakUnited States235,00012
Bally's5211Gladys LandeggerUnited States525,00026
Bally's5212Ravee SundaraUnited States1,290,00065
Bally's5213El-Rais MohamadSwitzerland1,100,00055
Bally's5214Charles ThomasUnited States625,00031
Bally's5215Mark AllenUnited States1,210,00061
Bally's5216Clint ShrewsberryUnited States1,030,00052
Bally's5217Afik KriefIsrael665,00033
Bally's5218Charles TylerUnited States1,190,00060
Bally's5219Barry HutterUnited States1,590,00080
Bally's5221Liam OrourkeAustralia105,0005
Bally's5222Jichen ShengUnited States130,0007
Bally's5223Britt CampanaUnited States500,00025
Bally's5224Masataka KuwahataJapan125,0006
Bally's5225Neal LiptakUnited States1,435,00072
Bally's5226Dylan CechowskiFrance2,050,000103
Bally's5227Mohammed JaafarUnited States315,00016
Bally's5228Vito DiStefanoUnited States405,00020
Bally's5229Alex PefflyUnited States440,00022
Bally's5271Stan JablonskiUnited States340,00017
Bally's5272Andre Cohen SantosPortugal10
Bally's5273Juan LinaresUnited States715,00036
Bally's5274Daniel StickelUnited States375,00019
Bally's5275Ronan NallyUnited Kingdom720,00036
Bally's5277Daniel VoUnited States220,00011
Bally's5278Aaron GunnUnited States1,305,00065
Bally's5279Brad SailorUnited States350,00018
Bally's5281Sebastien GuinandFrance465,00023
Bally's5282Anthony DesaiUnited States42,5002
Bally's5284David PhamUnited States850,00043
Bally's5285Andres MoralesUnited States230,00012
Bally's5286Robert PetronioUnited States450,00023
Bally's5288Scott AllacherUnited States285,00014
Bally's5289Elton KeungUnited States740,00037
Bally's5291Rodolfo RomeiraPortugal860,00043
Bally's5292Paul DouglassUnited States220,00011
Bally's5293Richard AronowUnited States800,00040
Bally's5294Andrew MorenoUnited States2,470,000124
Bally's5295Paul DeGiulioUnited States260,00013
Bally's5296Duy HoUnited States850,00043
Bally's5297Naor SlobodskoyIsrael1,000,00050
Bally's5298Dan KleinUnited States1,000,08050
Bally's5299Sherif ElmessiriUnited States510,00026
Bally's5301Lily KilettoUnited States1,900,00095
Bally's5302Renato RibeiroPortugal590,00030
Bally's5303Charlie WallingUnited States785,00039
Bally's5304Joan BelSpain665,00033
Bally's5305Bryan KimUnited States1,075,00054
Bally's5306Jonathan ThermeFrance450,00023
Bally's5307Samer Al-ShuriekiUnited States500,00025
Bally's5308Spencer ChamplinUnited States1,120,00056
Bally's5309Lawrence FurieUnited States36,0002
Bally's5311Brian BrennanUnited States485,00024
Bally's5312Jiyun QuUnited States425,00021
Bally's5313Adrianne HallUnited States300,00015
Bally's5314Laurent DeneauFrance785,00039
Bally's5315Romain NussmannFrance490,00025
Bally's5316Ulises RomanUnited States1,070,00054
Bally's5317Graham WheldonUnited Kingdom350,00018
Bally's5318Ronnie BallantyneUnited Kingdom835,00042
Bally's5319Adrian JimenezArgentina685,00034
Bally's5321Ashok KamaniUnited States575,00029
Bally's5322Gabriel NastasaIsrael790,00040
Bally's5323Noel OconnorUnited States320,00016
Bally's5324Nathan TuthillUnited States175,0009
Bally's5325Jordams CespedesUnited States720,00036
Bally's5326Boshuang GaoUnited States835,00042
Bally's5327Simon BrandstromSweden605,00030
Bally's5328Robert MierzejewskiUnited States314,00016
Bally's5329Eldor LevysaharIsrael365,00018

End-of-Day Chip Counts (full)

dsalituro • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jorge Walker us
Jorge Walker
us 3,665,000 2,285,000
Andrew Moreno us
Andrew Moreno
us 2,470,000 1,770,000
Benjamin Thomas us
Benjamin Thomas
us 2,345,000 445,000
Sejo Kasic hr
Sejo Kasic
hr 2,300,000 -100,000
Dragos Trofimov md
Dragos Trofimov
md 2,210,000 2,021,000
Michael Stephenson (OH) US
Michael Stephenson (OH)
US 2,160,000 260,000
Ryan Riess us
Ryan Riess
us 2,110,000 1,285,000
Joao Simao br
Joao Simao
br 2,075,000 715,000
Kfir Nahum il
Kfir Nahum
il 2,070,000 2,006,000
Dylan Cechowski fr
Dylan Cechowski
fr 2,050,000 100,000
Ahmed Karrim za
Ahmed Karrim
za 1,975,000 1,599,000
Lily Kiletto us
Lily Kiletto
us 1,900,000 980,000
Daniel Garcia us
Daniel Garcia
us 1,850,000 1,665,500
Michael Cervantes us
Michael Cervantes
us 1,735,000 1,625,500
Mathías Duarte uy
Mathías Duarte
uy 1,730,000 1,730,000
Andrew Robinson us
Andrew Robinson
us 1,645,000 1,402,000
Patrick Martorella us
Patrick Martorella
us 1,635,000 1,510,000
Shashank Jain in
Shashank Jain
in 1,630,000 1,417,000
Christina Gollins us
Christina Gollins
us 1,600,000
Barry Hutter us
Barry Hutter
us 1,590,000 1,444,000
David Williams us
David Williams
us 1,560,000 360,000
Michael Thach us
Michael Thach
us 1,535,000 1,206,500
Daniel Singer US
Daniel Singer
US 1,500,000 1,431,500
Ranno Sootla ee
Ranno Sootla
ee 1,475,000 1,325,000
Nenad Dukic rs
Nenad Dukic
rs 1,465,000 818,000

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Thomas Wins a Massive Pot Near the End

dsalituro • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

Picking up the action on the turn with the board showing {4-Spades}{3-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}, Benjamin Thomas bet 200,000 from the cutoff and received a call from a player in middle position.

The river came the {9-Hearts} and Thomas' opponent checked. Thomas then announced he was all in, pushing forward a tower of green 25,000 chips.

The player in middle position went into the tank for several minutes before Thomas called the clock. As the countdown was reaching zero, he stuck his last 390,000 in the middle.

Thomas turned over {6-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} for turned two pair and his opponent had {q-Spades}{10-Spades} for a pair of queens to hit the rail just before the end of the night.

Benjamin Thomas us
Benjamin Thomas
us 1,900,000 1,711,500

Tags: Benjamin Thomas

Three More Hands

dsalituro • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

Tournament officials have just announced that players will play three more hands before bagging up for the night.

Lo Takes From Weisner

lewispowell2000 • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Jeffrey Lo
Jeffrey Lo

Melanie Weisner raised from early position and was called by Jeffrey Lo in the big blind.

The flop came {q-Hearts}{5-Spades}{3-Hearts} and Lo check-called Weisner's 25,000 bet.

The {8-Clubs} was the turn and Wisner bet 80,000. Again Lo called.

The river was the {q-Clubs} pairing the board and Lo led out 135,000. Weisner went into the tank before sliding her hand back to the dealer as the chips went Lo's way.

Jeffrey Lo hk
Jeffrey Lo
hk 640,000
Melanie Weisner us
Melanie Weisner
us 270,000 -130,000

Tags: Jeffrey LoMelanie Weisner

Porbandarwala Doubles in a Flip

lewispowell2000 • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante
Soheb Porbandarwala
Soheb Porbandarwala

The cutoff raised to 35,000 and Soheb Porbandarwala three-bet all in for 384,000. Action folded around to the cutoff who made the call after some deliberation.

Soheb Porbandarwala: {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}
Cutoff: {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds}

Porbandarwala gasped "A slow roll in a charity tournament?!" before the flop came {9-Hearts}{5-Spades}{2-Hearts}. The turn came the {k-Clubs} and the river the {3-Spades} ensuring Porbandarwala won the flip and doubled up.

Soheb Porbandarwala us
Soheb Porbandarwala
us 800,000 680,000

Tags: Soheb Porbandarwala

Brandwein Has Reason to be Excited After Double Through Williams

dsalituro • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

Yosef Brandwein was all in for 233,000 as action folded to David Williams, who snap-called.

Yosef Brandwein: {a-Spades}{k-Spades}
David Williams: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}

Brandwein had Williams dominated and stayed in the lead as the board ran out {3-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}, giving him a pair of kings. "Yes," Brandwein yelled as he bounded off his chair and gave a fist pump.

"I didn't think you could get excited. You seemed like such a chill guy," a tablemate said.

"You're tall too," another added.

"He's not that tall. A little lanky," said another.

David Williams us
David Williams
us 1,200,000
Yosef Brandwein us
Yosef Brandwein
us 470,000

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Moosewala Wins With Ace-High

lewispowell2000 • Level 20: Blinds 10,000-15,000, 15,000 ante

Sidhu Moosewala raised to 30,000 from middle position and was three-bet by the hijack to 85,000. Moosewala called.

The flop came {k-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{3-Clubs} and Moosewala check-called the 60,000 continuation bet from his opponent.

The {9-Hearts} was the turn and action went check-check.

The river was the {4-Diamonds} and Moosewala paused for a long time before deciding to check. His opponent instantly checked back. Moosewala showed {a-Spades}{q-Spades} for ace high which was good enough to win at showdown as the hijack mucked.

Sidhu Moosewala
Sidhu Moosewala

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