Event #84: $3,000 H.O.R.S.E.

Marin Takes Over Chip Lead

MikePatrick • Level 29
Roberto Marin


Roberto Marin: {x-}{x-}/{10-Hearts}{k-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}
Tomasz Gluszko: {x-}{x-}/{6-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{5-Hearts} - folded fifth street

Roberto Marin has built his stack up after nice rounds of Razz and Stud that have actually seen him take over the chip lead.

After Tomasz Gluszko brought it in, Marin completed. Gluszko then made his bring-in a two-bet to 300,000. Marin came back with a third bet to make it 450,000.

Gluszko called, then called another bet from Marin on fourth street.

As the big bet rounds started on fifth street, Marin continued betting, but this time Gluszko couldn't continue and folded his hand, sending the over million chip pot to Marin, who is now over five million for the first time in the tournament.

Player Chips Progress
Roberto Marin us
Roberto Marin
us 5,100,000 1,900,000
Lawrence Brandt us
Lawrence Brandt
us 4,870,000 -1,210,000
Tomasz Gluszko pl
Tomasz Gluszko
pl 3,150,000 -650,000

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