2023 World Series of Poker

Event #13: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack
Day: 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

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500,000 / 1,000,000
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Event #13: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack

Day 1 Completed

Shaun Deeb Bags Top 20 Stack in the $600 PLO Deepstack

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb

Day 1 of Event #13: Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack at the 2023 World Series of Poker at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas saw a total of 3,200 entrants creating a total prize pool of $1,632,000, up from the 2,858 entrants this event drew last year, and a record for a WSOP PLO event. Only 117 entrants bagged chips for Day 2 and will compete for the first-place prize of $217,102 and the coveted WSOP gold bracelet.

Aaron Ang bagged the chip lead for Day 1 with an impressive 2,765,000. Day 2 commences at 10 a.m. local time on Tuesday, June 6.

End of Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
1Aaron AngUnited States2,765,00092
2Giorgiy SkhuluhiyaGeorgia2,600,00087
3Soheb PorbandarwalaUnited States2,175,00073
4Marek RousCzech Republic2,090,00070
5Paul FehligUnited States1,975,00066
6Jonathan DimmigUnited States1,815,00061
7Adam OwenUnited Kingdom1,505,00050
8Ben HerbertUnited States1,450,00048
9Liran BetitoIsrael1,450,00048
10Alfred AtamianUnited States1,345,00045

In addition to Ang, three other players crammed more than two million chips into their overnight chip bags. Giorgiy Skhuluhiya (2,600,000), Soheb Porbandarwala (2,175,000), and Marek Rous (2,090,000) are that trio.

Several notable players managed to find a bag at the end of day one, including Clayton Fletcher (1,290,000), Shaun Deeb (1,265,000), Brandon Shack-Harris (955,000) Greg Raymer (675,000) and 2021 WSOP Main Event champion Koray Aldemir (640,000).

Deeb's stack is enough to see him return on Day 2 with a top 20 stack and in a great position to mount a charge for what would be his sixth bracelet. Deeb came agonizingly close to claiming more poker gold on June 5th when he finished second in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack event online.

The money bubble burst when there were 464 players remaining. Other big names who fell short of Day 2 include Daniel Zack, Barny Boatman, Fernando Habegger, Maria Ho, Justin Pechie and Michael Moncek.

Day 2 resumes from Horseshoe and Paris at 10 a.m. local time, going into Level 23 with the intention of playing down to a winner. Blinds at the start of the day are 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 big blind ante. Stay tuned to Pokernews as we crown another World Series of Poker champion.

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Seat Draw for Day 2

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6051Andrew SammsUnited States830,00028
Horseshoe6052Aaron AngUnited States2,700,65090
Horseshoe6053Adam OwenUnited Kingdom1,505,00050
Horseshoe6054Seth FredericiUnited States505,00017
Horseshoe6055Ryan McknightUnited States1,270,00042
Horseshoe6056Jose GonzalezUnited States470,00016
Horseshoe6057Vuong DoUnited States1,700,00057
Horseshoe6058Jason BoyesCanada940,00031
Horseshoe6061Rip FritzerUnited States120,0004
Horseshoe6062Gregory RaymerUnited States675,00023
Horseshoe6063Abdullah Al-ShantiUnited States1,750,00058
Horseshoe6064Sam JodkaUnited States940,00031
Horseshoe6065Andrew GonderUnited States845,00028
Horseshoe6066Daniel ZuazoUnited States260,0009
Horseshoe6067Jonathan DimmigUnited States1,815,00061
Horseshoe6068Perla OjedaUnited States325,00011
Horseshoe6071Andreas ZampasUnited States460,00015
Horseshoe6072Hong KimCanada365,00012
Horseshoe6073Brian KelleyUnited States875,00029
Horseshoe6074Artin FaroukhiansUnited States285,00010
Horseshoe6075Daniel EzekielUnited Kingdom750,00025
Horseshoe6076Marcus BaileyUnited States330,00011
Horseshoe6077Jonathan ZarinUnited States315,00011
Horseshoe6078Andras VaczoHungary575,00019
Horseshoe6081Garrett KatzingerUnited States865,00029
Horseshoe6082Thomas KearneyUnited States525,00018
Horseshoe6083Karim BevansUnited States6080
Horseshoe6084Colin ReidCanada845,00028
Horseshoe6085Stuart McmahenUnited States820,00027
Horseshoe6086Paul MatuszczakFrance190,0006
Horseshoe6087Brooks BeyerUnited States340,00011
Horseshoe6088Antonio RuelasUnited States790,00026
Horseshoe6131Edward BergmanCanadaCanada725,00024
Horseshoe6132Pedro LugoUnited States370,00012
Horseshoe6133Sanjit BhatiaUnited States890,00030
Horseshoe6134Mikolaj TomczakPortugal675,00023
Horseshoe6135Jorge UfanoUnited States615,00021
Horseshoe6136Gurdial SandhuCanada750,00025
Horseshoe6137Dewayne WheelandUnited States1,005,00034
Horseshoe6138Amrit AyalurUnited States650,00022
Horseshoe6141Soheb PorbandarwalaUnited States2,175,00073
Horseshoe6142Farhad JamasiUnited States1,385,00046
Horseshoe6143Joshua ThibodauxUnited States155,0005
Horseshoe6144Segundo Cruz 1,290,00043
Horseshoe6145Patrick FordUnited States520,00017
Horseshoe6146Shaun DeebUnited States1,265,00042
Horseshoe6147Ralph ClaudioUnited States1,300,00043
Horseshoe6148Michael HernandezUnited States700,00023
Horseshoe6151Dylan WilkersonUnited States595,00020
Horseshoe6152Donavan RoussellUnited States990,00033
Horseshoe6153Joshua CarrUnited States950,00032
Horseshoe6154Benjamin HebertUnited States1,460,00049
Horseshoe6155Eran AydinUnited States1,000,00033
Horseshoe6156Butuc GheorgheUnited States1,185,00040
Horseshoe6157Leonid YanovskiIsrael650,00022
Horseshoe6158Robert ZarzyckiUnited States350,00012
Horseshoe6161Ian MatakisUnited States515,00017
Horseshoe6162Ian WilliamsUnited States920,00031
Horseshoe6163Ardit BitinckaCanada490,00016
Horseshoe6164Brandon HallUnited States1,020,00034
Horseshoe6165Donald McgeeUnited States340,00011
Horseshoe6166Ryan DemeterUnited States720,00024
Horseshoe6167Joseph McCarthyUnited States860,00029
Horseshoe6168Robert WestUnited States355,00012
Horseshoe6211Daniel WeinmanUnited States445,00015
Horseshoe6212Michael HolmesUnited States990,00033
Horseshoe6213Steven BerkowitzUnited States145,0005
Horseshoe6214Michael MonroigUnited States375,00013
Horseshoe6215Eric KolodnyUnited States1,530,00051
Horseshoe6216Marek RousCzech Republic2,040,00068
Horseshoe6217Ivan RubanRussia510,00017
Horseshoe6218Zachary PeayUnited States385,00013
Horseshoe6221Scott ClementsUnited States6220
Horseshoe6222Allan LeUnited States400,00013
Horseshoe6223Clayton FletcherUnited States1,290,00043
Horseshoe6224Rostyslav SabishchenkoUnited Kingdom1,170,00039
Horseshoe6225Douglas KarabaszUnited States865,00029
Horseshoe6226Homero MartinezUnited States735,00025
Horseshoe6227Kevin RandUnited States1,210,00040
Horseshoe6228Noah GoldmanUnited States790,00026
Horseshoe6271Lawrence LandayUnited States205,0007
Horseshoe6272Jerome HickelUnited States395,00013
Horseshoe6273Damien HugotFrance450,00015
Horseshoe6274Luis Pauyac-MartinezUnited States640,00021
Horseshoe6275Clement BonnantUnited States975,00033
Horseshoe6276Terry CroweUnited States360,00012
Horseshoe6277Joseph HenryUnited States490,00016
Horseshoe6278Austin MarksUnited States975,00033
Horseshoe6281Jim AngottiUnited States1,090,00036
Horseshoe6283Praise OgwoUnited States520,00017
Horseshoe6284Joseph AltomonteUnited States1,890,00063
Horseshoe6285Peter De JongNetherlands375,00013
Horseshoe6286Christopher BlackmonUnited States820,00027
Horseshoe6287Paul FehligUnited States1,975,00066
Horseshoe6288Jesse YaginumaUnited States1,080,00036
Horseshoe6291Bryce SchnellenbergerUnited States500,00017
Horseshoe6292Denis VladimirovRussia315,00011
Horseshoe6293Eric GnospeliusUnited States655,00022
Horseshoe6294Tomasz GluszkoPoland440,00015
Horseshoe6295Giorgii SkhulukhiaRussia2,600,00087
Horseshoe6296Yasuhiro WakiJapan1,250,00042
Horseshoe6297Liran BetitoIsrael1,450,00048
Horseshoe6298David CohoonUnited States290,00010
Horseshoe6301Xing HeCanada1,080,00036
Horseshoe6302Robert GussoniUnited States520,00017
Horseshoe6303Scott EskenaziUnited States530,00018
Horseshoe6304Adithya SundarUnited States790,00026
Horseshoe6305Jake WhiteUnited States625,00021
Horseshoe6306Brandon Shack-HarrisUnited States955,00032
Horseshoe6307William WatsonUnited States995,00033
Horseshoe6311Alfred AtamianUnited States1,345,00045
Horseshoe6312Scott RisiUnited States215,0007
Horseshoe6313Kris KwiatkowskiUnited States850,00028
Horseshoe6314Dang-Quang LeUnited States415,00014
Horseshoe6315Koray AldemirAustria640,00021
Horseshoe6316Matthew GrocholskyCanada310,00010
Horseshoe6318Brian SmithUnited States295,00010

Official End of Day Chip Counts (full)

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
Player Chips Progress
Aaron Ang us
Aaron Ang
2,765,000 2,765,000
Day 1 Chip Leader
Giorgiy Skhuluhiya ge
Giorgiy Skhuluhiya
2,600,000 2,600,000
Soheb Porbandarwala us
Soheb Porbandarwala
2,175,000 2,175,000
Marek Rous cz
Marek Rous
2,040,000 2,040,000
Paul Fehlig us
Paul Fehlig
1,975,000 1,975,000
Joseph Altomonte us
Joseph Altomonte
1,890,000 1,890,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Jonathan Dimmig us
Jonathan Dimmig
1,815,000 1,815,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Abdullah Al-Shanti us
Abdullah Al-Shanti
1,750,000 1,750,000
Vuong Do us
Vuong Do
1,700,000 1,700,000
Eric Kolodny us
Eric Kolodny
1,530,000 1,530,000
Adam Owen gb
Adam Owen
1,505,000 1,505,000
Benjamin Hebert us
Benjamin Hebert
1,460,000 1,460,000
Liran Betito il
Liran Betito
1,450,000 1,450,000
Farhad Jamasi us
Farhad Jamasi
1,385,000 1,385,000
Alfred Atamian us
Alfred Atamian
1,345,000 1,345,000
Ralph Claudio us
Ralph Claudio
1,300,000 150,000
Segundo Cruz br
Segundo Cruz
1,290,000 910,000
Clayton Fletcher us
Clayton Fletcher
Ryan Mcknight us
Ryan Mcknight
1,270,000 1,270,000
Shaun Deeb us
Shaun Deeb
1,265,000 465,000
WSOP 6X Winner
Yasuhiro Waki jp
Yasuhiro Waki
1,250,000 1,250,000
Kevin Rand us
Kevin Rand
1,210,000 1,210,000
Butuc Gheorghe
Butuc Gheorghe
1,185,000 1,185,000
Rostyslav Sabishchenko ua
Rostyslav Sabishchenko
1,170,000 1,170,000
Jim Angotti us
Jim Angotti
1,090,000 1,090,000

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Zarin With Two Wild Hands

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante

Our first hand is recalled by the table starting with a raise for 35,000 from Jonathan Zarin in early position. Both Jimmy Angotti and another player called to go to the flop.

A flop of Jx10x10x had all players slow down and check. The turn of 5x led to a quick check from Angotti. Zarin led out for 40,000, leading to just Angotti calling. The river was a 3x with Angotti checking yet again. Zarin bet pot while Angotti took some time to decide what to do. He then shoved all in, getting an eventual call from Zarin.

Jimmy Angotti: AQ10x10x
Jonathan Zairin: AxQxJx5x

Angotti scooped the pot with quads.

The second hand began with a raise all in from Zairin for 25,000 with two callers behind. The flop came Q46 with the early player checking. Brad Butcher jammed all in for 95,000 with the other player calling.

Jonathan Zairin: JJ89
Brad Butcher: 9754
Opponent: K22J

The board ran out A6 for Zairin to take the main pot and Butcher taking the side pot.

Player Chips Progress
Jimmy Angotti
Jimmy Angotti
1,050,000 1,050,000
Brad Butcher us
Brad Butcher
280,000 -426,000
Jonathan Zarin us
Jonathan Zarin
85,000 85,000

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Some of the Best Poker Players Who Haven't Won a WSOP Bracelet

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante
WSOP Bracelet Winners
WSOP Bracelet Winners

While winning a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet is one of the greatest accomplishments a poker player can achieve, many of the greatest and most successful players in the game have yet to put one on their wrists.

PokerNews has had a decent track record with highlighting players without bracelets who have gone on to win them. Jason Koon won a maiden bracelet in 2021 after making the "Best Without a Bracelet" list that year, while Dan Smith and Alex Foxen both found bracelets in 2022 to be removed from that year's list.

With the 2023 WSOP happening now, here's a look at some of the best players who have yet to add a World Series bracelet to their long lists of accolades.

Check out our list of "Best Without a Bracelet" here!

Zampas Doubles Through Fletcher

Level 22 : Blinds 10,000/25,000, 25,000 ante

Clayton Fletcher opened from late position to 40,000, and Andreas Zampas moved all in for approximately 95,000. Fletcher made the call to put Zampas at risk.

Andreas Zampas: AAKQ
Clayton Fletcher: K1098

Zampas had a monster hand preflop. He remained ahead on the J105K4 runout to secure the double up with a broadway straight.

Player Chips Progress
Clayton Fletcher us
Clayton Fletcher
980,000 -50,000
Andreas Zampas gr
Andreas Zampas
225,000 225,000

Tags: Andreas ZampasClayton Fletcher

Level: 22

Blinds: 10,000/25,000

Ante: 25,000

Pettas Survives to Double Up

Level 21 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

Action began preflop as Angelos Pettas jammed all in for 75,000. A quick call followed, while a three bet for 350,000 ensued. The other player folded as the two players would show their cards.

Angelo Pettas: KJJ2
Opponent: 910JQ

The board ran 374104 as Pettas swept the pot.

Tags: Angelos Pettas