Event 3 - £10,000 No-Limit Holdem Main Event

Cards Are in the Air

From the Empire Casino...

Players are back from their dinner break. This will be the last level of the night. Blinds are 200/400 with an ante of 50.

Official Numbers: 362 Entrants

Players: 362
Prize Pool: £3,620,000
Payouts: Top 36
First Place: £1,000,000

Stay tuned for a complete list of payout information.

Day 1b Eliminations

In case you are tuning in late, here are some players who busted out before the dinner break...

Ilari Sahamies, Max Pescatori, Alex Kravchenko, Bruce Atkinson, Rumit Somaiya, Christian Togsverd, Ted Lawson, Chad Brown, John Magill, Mark Vos, Phil Gordon, Vanessa Rousso, Joe Sebok, Brandon Schaefer, Carsten Jakobsen, Dirk Dijkstra, John Duthie, Alan Smurfit, David Levi, and Doyle Brunson.

Two Day 2's

I spoke to TD Jack Effel and he said that he was going to break Day 2 up into two flights. The 111 players who survived Day 1a will play at the Empire Casino tomorrow for Day 2a. The players who will survive Day 1b will play at the Empire Casino on Thursday for Day 2b. On Friday, the two fields will combine.

Today will be the last day that multiple casinos (The Fifty and The Sportsman) will be used for the main event. As of tomorrow, the remainder of the main event will be held at The Empire Casino.

Players Take a Dinner Break

From the Empire Casino...

The remaining 47 players are on a dinner break until 10:30pm local time. When they return, they will play one level.

Table Break, Dinner Break

From the Sportsman --

Finally, a table has broken here and spread its players around the room, after the exits of Ilari Sahamies and Max Pescatori. No drama in the last three minutes of play here, except that Stuart Fox, part of the broken table, mysteriously turned up at his seat on Neil Channing's right holding an {8-Hearts}. After Channing pointed this out, Fox went and replaced it on the table, looking slightly puzzled at himself.

"Bit suspicious, that," said his neighbour, joking that he'd be watching for a set.

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Alex Kravchenko Eliminated

Alex Kravchenko
Alex Kravchenko
From the Empire...

2007 WSOP bracelet winner (and main event finalist) Alex Kravchenko has been eliminated. He raised with K-K. An unknown opponent thought he was making a move and re-raised all in with A-10. Kravchenko called and lost when an Ace flopped.

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Peter Gould Goes Bust

Peter Gould gets it all in with {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}, only to run into {K-Spades}{K-Clubs}.

Miraculously, the flop comes {10-Spades}{7-Hearts}{3-Spades} giving Gould a set of tens and the lead in the hand. The turn is the {6-Spades}, which gives his opponent some more outs. The river brings the {K-Diamonds}, giving his opponent a bigger set and Gould is out of the tournament.

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