2007 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE)

Event 3 - £10,000 No-Limit Holdem Main Event
Day: 1a
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2007 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE)

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15,000 / 30,000

Event 3 - £10,000 No-Limit Holdem Main Event

Day 1a Completed

Join us from 2pm tomorrow......

Join us from 2pm tomorrow as we bring you all the action from Day 1b. Once again, the play will be split up between the three venues, and we will be stationed at all three to make sure you don't miss a thing. Tune in for all your chip counts, Live Reporting blog, photos and videos.

Chip Counts from the Sportsman......

The chip counts from the floor of the Sportsman:

Huseyin Yilmaz 99575
Simon Wing 64150
Terry Cook 63700
Ram Vaswani 61050
Joseph Serock 60450
Francisco Lopez Martos 57775
Martin Filipsen 57400
Humberto Brenes 56200
Panikidis Konstantinos 54625
William Durkee 48750
Annie Duke 44200
Philip Hilm 39475
Ahmet Melin 36250
Joe Le 36200
Dean Sanders 34225
Feklisov 34175
Matt Kay 30200
Dave Ulliott 29100
Atanas Gueorguiev 19775
John Ridge 19725
Emilios Emmanuel 19525
Matthew Gilbert 19500
Hoyt Corkins 19300
Paul Wasicka 18400
Jan Heitmann 18225
Richard Collier 17925
Philip Peters 16500
Antoon Kleijner 12775
Pamela Brunson 11250
Josh Gould 9050
Deborah Jones 7950
Fabrice Soulier 6350

Chip Counts from the Fifty.......

The chip counts from the floor of the Fifty:

Janne Lamsa 115,850
Priyan De Mel 67,900
Gary Jones 65,425
Paul Ephremsen 64,875
Dave Colclough 54,100
Jeff Garza 48,375
Neil Pearson 47,650
Gus Hansen 46,925
Neel Chudasama 46,925
Krzysztof Gluszko 46,725
Jeffrey Lisandro 46,700
Erik Seidel 45,000
Jan Sorensen 45,000
Greg Raymer 41,300
Farzad Bonyadi 39,925
Noah Jefferson 36,650
Oscar Blanco 26,600
Tim Seidensticker 23,550
Ergun Malit 23,400
Thierry Van den Berg 21,150
Jason Karka 20,650
Anthony Chatelain 19125
Johannes Korsav 18,550
Brian Townsend 18,025
Pascal Perrault 16,075
Brandon Adams 14,850
Matt Monaghan 13,925
Simone Rossi 13,825
Thomas Wahlroos 12,050
Ang Pang Leng 11,975
Patrik Selin 11,350
Manuel Palanca 9,975
Scott Wilson 9,225
Sorel Mizzi 8,975
Sami Pulliaimen 7,150

Chip counts from the Empire.........

The chip counts from the floor of The Empire:

Phil Hellmuth 82825
Andrew Feldman 76650
Patrick Bruel 71225
Jennifer Harman 48500
Ian Munns 47725
Thor Hansen 44600
Annette Obrestad 43375
Erick Lindgren 42028
Sarah Taylor 41775
Rehne Pedersen 38875
Sergey Rybachenko 38800
Steven Zappelhoff 36225
Paul Jackson 35425
Bruno Fitoussi 34475
Beth Shak 34150
Mark McCluskey 33025
Marvin Babul 32125
Sherkhan Farnood 31050
Pat Scanlan 29025
Matthew Hankins 28400
Jani Sointula 23650
Barry Greenstein 22875
Ramzi Jelassi 21875
Thomas Dwan 21825
Marco Traniello 19900
Nuno Passos Geraldes 19725
Peter Murphy 19400
Vicky Coren 18750
Azzy Asghar 17750
Maria Maceiras Lapido 16750
Markku Aho 16050
Chris Ferguson 15525
Graeme Newman 14675
Guillermo Garcia 13875
Jeremy Wray 13225
James Finigan 12925
Jon Frieberg 10025
Frenger Andreas 9050
John Kelly 8425
Robert Giles 8275
Chris Bijorn 8225
Santiago Torres 8225
Robert Stain 7900
Allan Silberstang 4400

She's An Animal

A wolf in sheep's clothing?
A wolf in sheep's clothing?
From the Empire...

As the players finish the bagging up procedures, Paul Jackson retells his experience of Jennifer Harman.

"She's an animal that one," he comments. "You wouldn't think of it to look at her, but she's ever so aggressive. A great player and really nice girl, but a complete animal."

Paul, meanwhile, is more than satisfied with the 35,400 he has finished the day with.

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Day 1A Comes to a Close

THE FIFTY-- Action is finished for the night over here and players are currently bagging and tagging their chips. Our chip leader, at least in this room, is Janne Lamsa with over 100,000. The fun starts again tomorrow at 2 p.m. when the second half of the field begins their tournament. Tune back in to PokerNews for all the live updates, chip counts, photos and video reports from the floor.

Signing off from the Fifty...


Janne Lamsa
Janne Lamsa
Ladies and Gentlemen -- this appears to be the biggest stack on the board right now, Finnish player Janne Lamsa. Lamsa is well north of the 100,000 mark, and certainly the biggest stack here at Fifty.

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Cold as Ice

Sherkhan in yesterday's Omaha final
Sherkhan in yesterday's Omaha final
From the Empire...

Tom "Durrr" Dwan, who's normally as cool as the Fonz in a fridge freezer, is looking somewhat bamboozled at the moment, his stack sliding down a slope like an eel dipped in lard.

His latest stumble was against Omaha finalist Sherkhan Farnood, the Dubai banker reraising Durr's 3,825 bet on a {7-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{7-Spades}{6-Diamonds} board to 8,825.

Durrr folded like lightening.

"You're on fire," suggests one player.

"No, ice," replies Sherkhan.

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