Event 3 - £10,000 No-Limit Holdem Main Event
Event 3 - £10,000 No-Limit Holdem Main Event
Day 2b Completed

End of Day 2b Chip Counts

There were 44 player who survived Day 2b today, with Chip Counts as follows:

Patrik Antonius 283200
Aleksander Vathne 231200
Theo Jorgensen 174100
Magnus Persson 165600
Dominic Kay 163700
Marigliano Marcello 151200
Karl Mahrenholz 144600
Jacob Paulsen 129200
Johnny Chan 118300
Oyvind Riisem 116500
Jamie Gold 115000
Nicolas Levi 109700
Patrick Jouven 108200
Lechich Tino 101500
Aloishek Khaitan 98400
Kenny Tran 94000
Andreas Berggren 91000
Tony G 76600
Matt Larsh 76000
Mats Gravatin 72000
Ian Frazer 70500
Shaun Needham 70000
Henrik Waltersson 69500
Csaba Kureheszki 69000
Matthew Carter 58400
Martin Johnson 58200
Julius Colman 55500
Jeff Buffenbarger 50900
Lee Nelson 49000
Jimmy Fricke 48100
Matthew McCullough 47800
Joe Beevers 45400
Jon Turner 44800
Bob Willis 43700
Daniel Zink 39400
Martin Vallo 36800
Daniel Negreanu 31700
Sam Norman 29600
James Keys 26500
Ryan Fronda 25900
Roland Israelashvili 22500
Erik Joergensen 22100
John Tabatabai 13500
Stephen Rynne Unknown

Day 2b Complete

Action is over for Day 2b. Out of the 120 players who started Day 2b, only 44 runner survived. Stay tuned for official chip counts.

Day 3 will begin at 2pm local time on Friday. There are a total of 84 players remaining. The top 36 will win prize money.

Kenny Tran Takes a Brutal Beat to End the Day

Kenny Tran called an opponent's all in and had him dominated-- with {A-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} over {K-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}. The {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}{9-Spades} flop was a great one for Tran, but the {10-Hearts} fell on the turn, opening up a gutshot draw for his opponent. The river was the {Q-Clubs}, his opponent making his straight, and Tran found himself the victim of yet another brutal suckout.

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Gold Loses Ground

Jamie Gold just lost a big pot to end the night. On a flop of:

{10-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{3-Spades} his opponent pushes all in for about 25k. Gold thinks so long they call the clock and in the last few seconds he calls with {A-Spades}{7-Spades} and runs into {J-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}.

No help on the turn or river and Gold drops about 30k.

Patrik's Number One Fan

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius
A man on the rail asked me to take his hat to Patrik Antonius to sign it. I duly obliged and it was only when I handed him the hat that I realised a TV camera was fixed on me.

So if you watch this on TV later on this year and see a guy pushing 30 with a beer gut acting like a Justin Timberlake fan to Antonius, its me.

Daniel Negreanu Speaking in Tongues

"Zwei biere!!"
"Zwei biere!!"
At the featured TV table, Daniel Negreanu made small talk with Daniel Zink, who happens to be German. Negreanu said the three or four phrases he knew in German. Zink laughed because they were totally random. Zink then said he knew only one phrase in Spanish, "Dos cervezas." At that point, Negreanu became the Tower of Babel and began speaking in tongues, in an odd mixture of German, Romanian, Spanish, German, and French. For about two minutes no one knew what he was saying.

TD Jack Effel announced to the crowd, "It's official, Daniel Negreanu has gone insane."

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Huge Hand Busts Adam Junglen, Propels Aleksander Vathne Near Lead

Big Slick is no good for Adam Junglen
Big Slick is no good for Adam Junglen
Aleksander Vathne raised in late position after a couple of limpers entered the pot. Small blind Adam Junglen thought for a while and re-raised from 6,700 to 21,000. Back to Vathne, who thought for about the same length of time and threebet all in. It wasn't a tiny stack either - he had Junglen covered and this was going to be nearing a six-figure call if he made it. Probably for the first time I've seen at an event, Adam Junglen looked a bit uncomfortable, and muttered something to himself - whatever misgivings he might have had weren't enough to stop him calling, though.

Aleksander Vathne showed: {A-Clubs}{A-Spades}
Adam Junglen showed: {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}

The board came out {3-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{K-Clubs}...{J-Diamonds}

And so the aggressive young player misses out on Day Three by eleven minutes.

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