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Theo Jorgensen Wins Event #58 (£218,626), Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 2nd Place (£132,000)

A mizzed flush draw
After what was quickly becoming an adrenalin-pumping roller coaster of a ride, we finally unearthed our champion, and thus the winner of the resplendent gold bracelet.

It all happened on a {K-Spades}{8-Hearts}{J-Hearts} flop, and in a matter of seconds too. Jorgensen bet 100,000, Mizzi reraised, Jorgensen pushed all in, Mizzi called and we had our showdown.

Jorgensen = {K-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} for top set.
Mizzi = {6-Hearts}{A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{5-Spades} for the nut flush draw.

"Heart!" yelled a slightly intoxicated Annette Obrestad from the rail. "Seven of diamonds!" exclaimed another. "Pair the f***ing board!" screamed Jorgensen, refusing to mince his words.

In the end, it was the second of those requests that mysteriously came true, the blank {2-Spades} turn being followed by a harmless {7-Diamonds} river, delivered straight from the Twilight Zone.

"Woooooooo!" screeched Jorgensen as the collective shoulders of Mizzi and his Mizzilites dropped in unison. With a battered and bruised Mizzi staring dejectedly down at the felt, the jubilant victor jumped into the arms of fellow countryman Martin Vallo and the two Danes proceeded to celebrate their nation's second triumph of the week. An incredible feat, and one that will have the North Americans turning green with envy.

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