Event #1: €1,100 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK

Ricardo Chauriye Eliminated in 17th Place (€3,840)

ajlamers • Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Ricardo Chauriye

Ricardo Chauriye shipped all-in for 215,000 from the hijack and was instantly called by Oleksandr Shcherbak in the big blind. Chauriye turned over {4-Spades}{4-Clubs} and said, "It's my time now."

Shcherbak held two overcards with {a-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} and when the flop came {a-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}, he took the lead with his pair of aces. The turn was the {k-Diamonds} and the river landed the {2-Clubs}. Chauriye was sent to collect his money late on Day 2.

Player Chips Progress
Oleksandr Shcherbak UA
Oleksandr Shcherbak
UA 465,000 210,000
Ricardo Chauriye cl
Ricardo Chauriye
cl Busted

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