Event #10: €10,350 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Seat 5: Jack Sinclair, United Kingdom - 8,585,000 (54bb)

Jack Sinclair

No stranger to WSOP Main Event final tables, 27-year-old Jack Sinclair finished eighth in the 2017 Main Event for $1,200,000 and said that yesterday improving on that mark played a big part in his play.

"It feels pretty good fading that eighth place," he said after play had finished for the night. "There was that big bubble factor for me. The ninth place bubble factor as well, because I love being in a final table photo!"

As one of the middle stacks, Sinclair is aware of the precarious situation he finds himself in at the final table.

"A medium stack is that one that you have to play the most cautiously, so I was playing pretty honestly so far. I've been pretty tight, but able to make a few hands and win some big pots!"

Sinclair could become the second British player to win the WSOPE Main Event after James Bord in 2010, and also the first to win the WSOPE Main Event after final tabling - but not winning - the Vegas Main Event.