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Event #14: €10,350 WSOPE Main Event

Guilbert Flushes Back into Chip Lead

MattHansen • Level 34: 300,000-600,000, 600,000 ante
Johan Guilbert

Josef Gulas called with {5-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} and Johan Guilbert checked with {k-Hearts}{7-Hearts}.

The flop came {k-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Guilbert checked. Gulas bet 600,000 and Guilbert check-raised to 1,700,000. Gulas called and the turn was {6-Clubs}.

Guilbert checked again and Gulas bet 4,800,000. Guilbert check-called and the river was {4-Hearts}.

Guilbert bet 7,800,000 and Gulas went into the tank before he called. Guilbert turned over the flush and took a big pot to regain the chip lead.

Player Chips Progress
Johan Guilbert fr
Johan Guilbert
fr 37,400,000 14,900,000
Josef Gulas Jr cz
Josef Gulas Jr
cz 31,700,000 -14,600,000