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Where You Can Play Online Poker In District of Columbia

Can You Play Online Poker in the District of Columbia?

There is currently no legislation permitting online poker in the district.

Current District of Columbia Gambling Laws

The only form of gambling allowed in the District of Columbia is the District Lottery, scratch-off tickets, video lottery terminals, and Keno. All these activities must be performed via terminals or in-store as all online gambling is banned.

The District Lottery does not sell tickets on the internet, but this is not for a lack of trying. An appeal was made in 2011 to allow the District Lottery to sell tickets online, but the city council repealed it in 2012 before a single ticket was sold.

Casino game and poker players need to travel to nearby states if they wish to gamble as there are no brick-and-mortar casinos or race tracks in the District of Columbia. Nearby Maryland and West Virginia have both casinos and racetracks and Atlantic City is approximately a three-hour drive away.

Unfortunately, all online gambling, including online poker, is illegal in the District of Columbia. The only online poker sites operating in the District of Columbia are doing so illegally and without a license.

Best Online Poker Sites for District of Columbia Players

None at present. But you can always play poker for free with the WSOP Social App.

US Poker Legislation: Where Can You Play Online Poker?

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