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@AsianSpa Blogs: Trip to the Bike, Negreanu's Ban, and More

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I am blogging on my return flight to Vegas from five days in the lovely city of Bell Gardens home of the Bicycle Casino for the Winnin' o' the Green series. I played four events, Events No. 15 through No. 18 with no cashes. I came close in Event #17, the NL Deepstack, and was within seven spots to the money. I enjoy playing at the Bike and the cash game action is sick.

I played roughly 30 hours of $5/$5 and $5/$10 no-limit hold'em. I covered the trip — tournament expenses but failed to bring home more than four figures. It was great to get out of Vegas for a few days, see some L.A. friends, and have a few drinks with my boy @PhongTurbo. I hope to return prior to the WSOP.

Looks like the Las Vegas weekly #HorseC**kAMent tournament hosted by Karina and Chip Jett has moved to the MGM. This is a great weekly event where for a small buy-in you can play alongside some top notch poker pros. I did see on my Twitter feed where Allen “chainsaw” Kessler will not be attending anymore MGM #HorseC**kAMents due to the fact of the noise from the adjoining bar. And per #TeamSpaLoyalist @KevinHoff, said he felt Kessler might not be getting enough #Trinkets (comps/swag) from the MGM. I will look into this next week and get the skinny, as I plan to attend the tourney.

Today the movie I have been waiting to see is being released. The movie is called All In: The
Poker Movie
. I pre-ordered this about a month ago, and I am waiting for them to send me the download link, so I plan to watch it tonight and will give you my review next week. In the trailer on the site, I heard the best quote ever, it was Howard Lederer stating “Heroes in poker don’t cheat.” This has to be the greatest one liners I’ve heard in the past year.

The other item of the week was the banning of Daniel Negreanu on TwoPlusTwo. I just have to laugh at how the TwoPlusTwo moderators run the site like the Gestapo. I have an account on there, but I also added an account for AsianSpa two years ago, but was banned before I could even put up a post! I think poker needs a site where people can #TruthSpeak and not worry about getting a 24-hour ban, or as in my case a lifetime ban.

It’s been a slow week with news on my end, being out of town. I will be hitting the poker rooms this week and see what I can dig up.

Till then I send #GoodJuJu & #SpaRunGood,


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