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@AsianSpa Blogs: Vince Neil and the Palms, a Chicago Trip Report, and More

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What a week! I flew back to Chicago on Sunday to spend time with family and friends. It's so nice getting back home and away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. There have been so many things this week I am not even sure where to start.

Daniel Negreanu's Weekly Rant was excellent. Posted and dated with April 4, 2012, I first thought watching it and him saying Howard Lederer called him was an April Fools' joke but thought, it's past April 1, so I intently listened and was flabbergasted by this. Then he took it up a notch by adding Annie Duke to the mix. It’s a #SpaApproved must watch! Daniel, keep them coming.

Following my Twitter feed, I saw Motley Crue front man Vince Neil decided to start blasting the Palms and its restaurant Little Buddha for numerous issues. Thankfully, the Palms did not lay down on his utter-nonsense. The Palms did the right thing and gave Neil the boot and 86’d him from their entire property. Almost a year ago Neil was charged and pleaded guilty in Las Vegas Justice Court to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, avoiding a more serious charge of battery constituting domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. This chump, as I stated in my Twitter, needs to #GrowTheF*&^Up. I applaud the Palms for standing up and not being abused by a “celebrity” — or as Spa says, an “#AssClown.”

I also heard and read about the Palms poker room closing May 2, and then reopening May 5 under the Cantor Group Management. I hope this works out. Now the employees all have to re-apply for their jobs. I know some of the folks there have been there for 10 years and now will lose their seniority and vacation time, etc. We can only wait and see if the Pokerati NL/PLO game makes the cut. If it doesn’t, return I sure hope Dan moves the game and keeps it going.

Recently I scoured YouTube for some of SrslySirius' [Thomas Keeling] videos and noticed they were unavailable due to a copyright claim submitted by him. I was unaware that Thomas had parted ways with the QuadJacks team. Then early in the week QuadJacks posted a written and video statement denouncing Thomas and saying they were “embarrassed” to have hosted his videos.

I am a big fan of Thomas’ videos and have always enjoyed listening to Marco on QuadJacks Radio, but I have always felt Zak is a #SnakeInTheGrass. I feel that they exploited Thomas and started putting their QJ logo on his stuff like it was their own. I referenced this on Twitter, where Suge Knight of Death Row Records fame on stage at the Source Awards called P.Diddy out from always being up in his stars' videos and being the producer etc.

I feel Thomas was #SnakeOiled into thinking it would help him with their added input, logo, and names on his videos. Bryan Micon of DonkDown Radio announced that SrslySirius would be a guest on his radio show this week to discuss the break-up. I tuned in for a while then Bryan announced Marco would join in. I lost the stream midway through, but loaded it on my iPad to listen to on my flight home. From what I heard, I still side with Thomas, have the utmost respect for Marco, but felt Zak is the ultimate one in the background pulling the strings and he felt Thomas left them high and dry and took his videos back to Texas.

Yes, I agree Thomas “dicked” them on a few of the videos, which he admitted to on the show, that were both of their ideas and collaboration. I can only hope that Thomas and Marco can bury the hatchet and mend the broken fence with each other. I, as a poker fan want the videos back up, to enjoy his work, and I could care less who hosts them.

I ended up having a great time in Chicago, I had dinner with the whole family at Everest and chef Joho always does us right. I told our waiter to tell the chef he is #SpaApproved and he gave me the weirdest look ever, I guess he isn’t following me on Twitter.

On Wednesday my dad, uncle and cousin hit our favorite little sports bar, Sluggers, tipped back a few and got caught up on the family business “headaches” with the economy. Later that evening my cousin and some friends hit up Scores for some entertainment. Other than that, Monday night we played a $500 sit-n-go, but can say I was the third person felted. All I heard was “I thought you were good,” etc. LOL family. Spent a few hours at the office seeing former co-workers and actually enjoyed being in the office, but going to the office while on vacation in shorts and a hoodie is much easier than having to do it every day in a suit!

Till then I send #SpaRunGood™ & #GoodJuJu™


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