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The "durrrr" Challenge: Four Sessions + 2,000 Hands = an $81,000 Win for Tom Dwan


After a 20-day gap between sessions, Patrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan finally found time to continue their (neverending) challenge match, sitting at four tables of heads-up $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha on Full Tilt Poker at just after 4 p.m. EDT on Tuesday. The two played on and off until 1 a.m. Wednesday, their bout unfolding over four sessions that spanned 2,040 hands. Dwan dominated the match, increasing his overall challenge lead to over $1.2 million before Antonius made a late-night comeback, trimming Dwan's win for the day to $81,716. With 27,185 hands in the bag, Dwan is up $779,248 over Antonius.

Antonius had to be confident going into play fresh off an $800,000 win in the $2,000/$4,000 7-Game mix the night before. Dwan, however, pulled out to an early lead, picking up the first six-figure pot only ten minutes into their first session when he flopped top pair and a gutshot and turned a king-high straight good for $116,000. A bit over an hour and about 330 hands later, Antonius asked for a 20-minute dinner break and Dwan obliged, ending their first session a $190,422 winner. While Antonius chowed down, Dwan hopped on a $2,000/$4,000 7-Game table to pass the time. Two of his opponents, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and John Juanda asked him about his match with Antonius and razzed him about his idea of "winning small."

Ziigmund: durrrrr
durrrr: wtsup?
Ziigmund: who won in challenge?
durrrr: i won small
durrrr: 150 mayb
John Juanda: yeah u won small ferrari
Ziigmund: total now?
durrrr: idk chk ftp page
durrrr: id guess 800

Surprisingly, Antonius popped up at the same table only a few minutes later.

durrrr: are we done pat?
Patrik Antonius: i just texted u
Patrik Antonius: im still eating
Patrik Antonius: playing this while i eat
Patrik Antonius: not done
durrrr: o ok coo

Antonius and Dwan got rolling again just after 6 p.m. EDT. Over the next 70 minutes, the two got in another 296 hands. Antonius started off strong, winning about $130,000 back from Dwan in short order. This $180,000 pot went a long way to lift him at least partially out of the hole.

Antonius opened for his standard $1,200 from the button, Dwan made his standard three-bet to $3,600 from the big blind and Antonius came back over the top for $6,000. Dwan called and they saw an {a-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} flop. Dwan checked to Antonius, who bet $9,200, then raised to $39,400. Antonius responded with a shove for his remaining $128,592 and Dwan called off the $44,488 he had behind. It was top pair and a gutshot for Antonius with the {a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} while Dwan was looking for a six, a ten, or a heart with {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}. The turn was the {k-Spades}, the river was the {2-Spades} and Antonius took the $180,377 pot with top two pair.

Next it was Dwan's turn to eat dinner, and they broke for about 20 minutes before starting their third session. This one would turn out to be the longest, going for over three and a quarter hours and 945 hands. Though Antonius found a bit of respite in their last session, Dwan immediately grabbed the wheel and pulled out to a $128,000 lead over Antonius after the first hour.

Then there was The Hand. The $293,000 pot was by far the largest of the night and the fifth-largest overall in the "durrrr" Challenge. Holding {j-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{8-Spades}, Antonius opened for $1,200 and Dwan three-bet to $3,600 with {k-Spades}{9-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}. Not ready to stop there, Antonius made it $10,800 to go and Dwan called. The flop came down {7-Spades}{6-Spades}{5-Clubs}, Antonius flopping the nut straight and Dwan hitting top two pair and a king-high flush draw. Fireworks ensued, Dwan leading out for $13,200, Antonius raising to $43,600, Dwan shoving for $136,071, and Antonius making the call. The {3-Diamonds} on the turn did nothing to help Dwan, but the {6-Clubs} on the river made him sixes full of sevens, wresting the monsterpotten away from Antonius.

Less than ten minutes after that hand, Dwan popped into the chat box to ask a pressing question.

durrrr: i have a massage in 30min
durrrr: can cancel if ya want since i dont wanna hit n run ya
durrrr: but if u dont care too much id rather jus play after
durrrr: ur call
durrrr: yo?
Patrik Antonius: cancel it

The beats just kept on coming for our Finnish friend, none more brutal than this one. All the money went in before the flop, Antonius opening for $1,200, Dwan raising to $3,600, Antonius four-betting to $10,800, Dwan re-potting to $32,400, Antonius coming back over the top for $97,200, and Dwan calling all-in for $62,124.

With $189,048 in the pot, the cards went on their backs, Antonius with the {a-Spades}{a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{2-Spades} and Dwan with the other two aces — {a-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}. The {9-Clubs}{9-Spades}{5-Clubs} flop was boffo for Antonius who flopped trip nines, leaving Dwan with only a 4% chance of winning the hand. Only running cards could save “durrrr” at that point. One of them hit the turn, the {6-Clubs} falling to give him a gutshot straight draw. And then, in a stroke of fate that would send a lesser player’s laptop flying straight out the window, the {8-Hearts} hit the river, Dwan making a ten-high straight to take the pot.

At ten minutes to eleven, Dwan requested another break, and 50 minutes later, they sat down for what would be their fourth and final session of the day. Although at one point Antonius had been down as much as $400,000 (and over $1.2 million for the life of the challenge), he stormed back over the course of the next 470 hands, winning $167,620. The Finn first enacted a little runner-runner revenge in a pot that he three-bet pre-flop holding {a-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{4-Hearts}. Dwan called with {a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{7-Spades}{3-Hearts} and hit bottom set when the flop came down {q-Spades}{j-Hearts}{7-Clubs}. Antonius check-called Dwan’s $4,800 bet with his top pair, top kicker. The {q-Hearts} on the turn gave Antonius trips but filled up Dwan who bet $11,200 after Antonius checked over to him. Antonius came back with a raise to $50,400, setting Dwan all-in and he made the call, revealing sevens full of queens. Antonius needed a queen, a four, a six, or an ace to make a better boat, and he got there on the river, the {6-Spades} falling to make him queens full of sixes. Ship $106,797 to Finland.

Antonius managed to take one more monsterpotten before the night was over. After four-betting preflop and getting a call from Dwan, Antonius faced a $21,600 bet on the {q-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} flop. He repotted to $86,400 and Dwan called all-in for $38,092, revealing {a-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{5-Hearts}[5] for a pair of fives, the nut flush draw, and a gutshot wheel-draw while Antonius had the advantage with {a-Clubs}{a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{9-Spades} for an overpair. The {4-Spades} on the turn improved Antonius to aces up and Dwan couldn’t catch any of his outs on the river, the {6-Hearts} falling to give the $141,000 pot to Antonius.

By 1 a.m. EDT, Dwan was falling asleep at his keyboard and decided to call it a night, much to his opponent's disappointment.

durrrr: gg too tired
Patrik Antonius: listen
Patrik Antonius: i have to go in 15min
Patrik Antonius: lets play 15min more
durrrr: too tired, dozed off midhand
durrrr: sry
durrrr: gg

They might pick the "durrrr" Challenge back up tomorrow, they might wait until March. Open up a Full Tilt Poker account and follow the action live.

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