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The Aussie Millions on GSN: From Eighteen to Eight

The Aussie Millions on GSN: From Eighteen to Eight 0001

This week’s installment of GSN’s coverage of the 2010 Aussie Millions took us to Day 4 of the Main Event during which 18 players remained in competition for a seat at the eight-handed final table. The tournament format gave us a rather interesting look at how these 18 fare in short-handed play. The featured table filled out with an internationally diverse sextet that included Sydney’s Tyron Krost, Melbourne local Steve Topakas, American Steven Friedlander, the U.K.'s Steve Shelley, fearless Dane Frederik Jensen, and the pride of Norway, Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad.

Jensen check-calls to victory ― Jensen looked down at {10-Diamonds}{10-Spades} and raised to 40,000 only to be met with a reraise from Shelley who made it 100,000 to go with {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} on the button. Jensen called and they saw a {Q-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{8-Clubs} flop. Jensen checked over to Shelley who made a very small bet of 75,000, only about 1/3 of the pot. Jensen called and they went to the turn, which fell the {3-Diamonds}. Jensen checked again, and this time Shelley checked behind. The river was the {5-Diamonds}. Jensen checked, Shelley bet 150,000, and feeling that his tens were still good, Jensen called. His instincts were right and he picked up a 680,000 pot.

Sometimes the slow play works ― Krost opened for 40,000 with two red sixes and the action folded around to Jensen who was lying in wait with {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds} on the button. He made a sneaky flat-call and they went heads-up to the {7-Spades}{4-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} flop. Krost checked to Jensen who bet 55,000. Facing only one overcard to his sixes and with a straight draw to boot, Krost called The turn paired the board with the {4-Clubs}. Krost again checked to Jensen, but this time, he checked behind, perhaps hoping to extract another bet from Krost on the river. It was the {9-Hearts}, and Krost checked a third time. Jensen bet 140,000. Krost didn’t look too happy about it but made a crying call, Jensen's slow play earning him a 500,000 pot.

Don’t bluff a man who flopped top set ―The action folded around to Shelley in the small blind. He raised to 38,000 with pocket tens, and Steve Friedlander defended his big blind with {K-Spades}{8-Spades}. Shelley hit top set on the {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{3-Spades} flop and checked to Friedlander who bet 40,000. Shelley called. The {7-Hearts} on the turn put both a possible straight and a possible flush on board. Shelley checked his set of tens, and Friedlander checked behind. When the {2-Clubs} hit the river, Shelley took the lead, making a peculiarly small 40,000 bet. Friedlander flashed him a confused look before settling on a raise to 125,000. That didn't stop Shelley, who repopped it to 250,000. Friedlander gave up the charade to Shelley who collected the pot.

Steve “Big Show” Topakas out in 12th ― Jensen raised to 40,000 with {A-Clubs}{8-Clubs}, and local favorite Topakas, who had been short-stacked all day, decided it was time to push and moved all-in with {K-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. Obrestad, however, looked down at {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} in the small blind and put in a four bet, making it 215,000 to go. Over in the big blind, Krost also found a premium hand, {A-Spades}{Q-Spades}, but decided to let it go. Jensen folded as well, leaving Topakas and Obrestad to show down.

“Not looking good,” Topakas said as the flop came down{9-Spades}{3-Hearts}{2-Clubs}. The turn was the {5-Clubs}, the river was the {A-Hearts} and Topakas exited in 12th place to a hearty ovation from the crowd.

Obrestad sees through the three-bet ― With the blinds up to 10,000/20,000/3,000, Obrestad opened {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} for a min-raise to 40,000, and the action folded around to Jensen in the small blind. He decided to make a move, three-betting to 150,000 with only {K-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}. Obrestad called, and they saw a {A-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop. Neither player could have loved the ace on board, but Jensen still took the lead, betting 127,000. Obrestad called. The turn fell the {2-Hearts} and Jensen slowed down, checking over to Obrestad. She bet 217,000, and Jensen gave it up.

Krost catches Obrestad’s bluff ― The action folded to Obrestad in the small blind. She made it 43,000 to go with {A-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} and Tyron Krost defended his big blind with {8-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}. Obrestad missed the {J-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} flop while Krost hit middle pair. Obrestad led out for 65,000 and Krost quickly called. The {4-Hearts} on the turn put a third heart on board. Still, Obrestad bet 118,000, and Krost made the call. The river was the {2-Clubs}. Obrestad declined to fire a third time and checked to Krost who checked behind. Krost's pair of nines were good, and he did a little fist pump as the pot was pushed his way.

Double on the bubble ― At this point, nine players remained and only eight would earn a seat at the final table. Krost picked up pocket jacks and raised to 50,000 from the cutoff. Jensen called on the button with pocket nines, but Shelley looked down at {A-Hearts}{A-Spades} in the small blind. He three-bet to 120,000, Krost four-bet to 375,000, Jensen got rid of his nines, and Shelley moved all-in. Krost called, his tournament life at risk as Shelley had him covered. Krost buried his head in his hands as he saw the bad new ― but his spirit was instantly lifted when he saw the {J-Hearts} in the door. Krost’s set of jacks earned him a double-up at the perfect time, taking his stack up to nearly 2 million.

USA vs. Norway ― Shelley opened {A-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} on the button for 43,000, Steve Friedlander shoved from the small blind with {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}, and Obrestad picked up {J-Spades}{J-Diamonds} in the big blind. She shoved as well, Shelley folded, and the cards went on their backs.

"I'm not feeling this one," Obrestad said psychically before the flop came down {7-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}, giving Friedlander the nut flush draw. He hit it when the {8-Hearts} landed on the turn and doubled through her.

Over on the outer table, Kosmas Dratsas went out in ninth place, leaving a final table of eight. Here’s how their chip stacks looked as the final table was determined:

Sorel Mizzi - 6,033,000
Tyron Krost - 1,869,000
Frederik Jensen - 1,754,000
Peter Jetten - 1,700,000
Annette Obrestad - 1,349,000
Stephen Shelley - 991,000
Steven Friedlander - 694,000
Kosta Varoxis - 635,000

The Aussie Millions airs on Saturday evenings at 9 p.m. EDT on GSN. Check your local listings.

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