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PokerNews Top 10: Most Overused Poker Terms

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If you've spent any time at the poker tables recently or even watching poker on TV, then you might start shaking your head in agreement with this list. You've probably rolled your eyes a couple of times upon hearing these overused poker terms, and no matter what, they might not ever become tolerable. You might, however, catch yourself saying them, because, well, that's just what happens when you're around something enough.

10. Donkey - Is it just us or does it seem as though the only players who actually use the term donkey to refer to anyone is actually the biggest donkey of all? Just sayin'.

9. Degen - Okay, so maybe there aren't many adjectives that so concisely describe some of the, well, degens in the poker world. Maybe it's only overused as a verb, as in "Just had a kickass steak and ready to degen for a couple hours." Time to take an English class people, and stop "degenning it up" all the time.

8. That's so bad - It probably wasn't as bad as you think. Plus, you probably made a similar play earlier in the tournament, so stop tapping the glass.

7. Nice Hand - This one drives us nuts. People see aces versus kings preflop and when aces win, they say, "nice hand," when all of the money was going in regardless. Or people see someone double with quads and say, "nice hand," well, yeah, but they called all-in with quads - it's pretty easy to play quads.

6. One Time - It's your 1,254th time, please stop.

5. Chip and a Chair - Every single time, without fail, someone will say this to a player who has been severely crippled in a tournament. Does this actually elicit hope from them? In our experience, it doesn't. It just annoys them, and usually, the only thing that's left after about five minutes, is the chair. Chair wins more times than a chip. (Unless you're Gualter Salles).

4. FML - Yeah, your life just sucks dude. You're so unlucky to be able to walk your sorry ass on your two perfectly healthy legs out the door to your fancy car to drive past all the homeless guys on the street to your state-of-the-art grinding station at home. Sucks to be you!

3. [blank]aments - A repeat offender here. There is nothing people won't add "aments" to. Geez, and merging two of these terms together makes it even worse. Donk-ament? Really? So sick...we run so bad to hear that over and over. Please stop. One time....

2. I run so bad - Mathematically, over time, you run just as bad as everyone else and no one really wants to hear it. And using it for nonpoker play as we did above is just lame. Every time something doesn't go your way, you are not running bad. Just stop it.

1. So Sick - The worst offender by far. How many times a day can something be "so sick." Just trust us, it's not that sick. It's actually pretty standard.

Think we missed something? Well, then FML, and sound off in the forums, and as always, follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.

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