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Video Vault: Welcome Videos

A right of passage for team PokerNews at any poker tournament is the production of a welcome video. A welcome video is first and foremost supposed to make the viewers wildly jealous that they are not there. It also serves as great mini-tour guide of all the cool places players should hit up after they bust.

I’ll be honest some welcome videos are easier to do than others. Frankly some cities have great casinos and absolutely nothing to do. Some cities to contrast have so much to do, but aren’t known for their poker. Without further ado, The PokerNews Welcome Videos.

EPT Snowfest 2010: Welcome to Snowfest

Snowfest is hands down one of my favorite poker destinations. The mountains are beautiful and the snow sports second to none. The downside of Snowfest is that it is not the easiest venue to make videos about, barring you send the cameraman down a hill on skis. So here is one of the most difficult cities to film that is naturally one of the best stops

APPT Auckland 2010: Welcome Video

First off, I have to admit I have mad, crazy-girl-pillow-fight love for Lynn Gilmartin and this video just reinforces it. The quality she brings to the table in this video easily rivals anything on cable TV travel shows. This is what the Travel Channel would look like if run for poker players.

Full Tilt Poker Merit Cyprus Classic: The 'Cy'tes of Cyprus

OK, so this isn’t quite a “welcome” video, the tournament was off and running when we made it out into the town. However, Cyprus did not disappoint. I specifically remember everyone in town commenting on why I didn’t have a tan. (Truth is, I don’t tan. I turn lobster.) And this video spawned the comment I run into every now again regarding “where is my Island?”

NAPT Los Angeles 2010: Welcome to the City of Angels

I lived in LA for many years prior to my current homelessness, so I was so excited that we finally got to do video coverage from LA. Kristy Arnett showed the best and tackiest parts of LA that I knew and still love a lot. Not to mention loving Kristy’s interpretation of "famous on the internet." Its a classic already.

EPT Grand Final 2010: Welcome to Monte Carlo!!

There is something about a Grand Final event that makes the whole tournament seem classier. Granted having the last two EPT Grand Finals in Monte Carlo doesn’t hurt either. If you look closely at the EPT Tour map this year though, Monte Carlo is missing. It looks like this welcome video from Monte Carlo may be the last one from the jet set capital of the world for awhile. Watch the video and then cry yourself to sleep over missing Monaco.

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