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Video Vault: Party Time!

It is a hallowed right of passage when attending a poker tournament that you also attend a party of some sort, whether it be a welcome party, a mid-tournament shebang or wrap-up party to drown your sorrows for not winning, or if you did win, a chance to meet everyone who will now be asking you for backing.

All of us at PokerNews try to tackle all of these parties, come hell or high water, with the same journalistic integrity you have come to expect from From the hundreds of parties we have covered in the Video Vault, it was hard to pick the best of the bashes, but we did, so let’s party!

EPT Tallinn 2010

Some parties at poker tournaments desperately need a ladies night. With a ton of mostly male qualifiers and pros on the dance floor, it’s hard to get your swagger on at an open bar. Tallinn did it up right, making sure to bring in a bevy of beauties, mostly eastern European models, to liven things up. It was such a success that many players since then have waxed poetically for the "good old days" of the EPT Tallinn party. Bonus points for spotting the girl all the guys were chasing that night.

APPT Macau 2010

First off, Asia has different rules about parties from the rest of the world. And I mean different in a good way. At some parties, you experience things that you never thought you would ever see — ever. At the APPT Macau party we heard rumors of Michael Jackson making an appearance, but what was delivered was the best Pan-Asian Michael Jackson ever, or at least one of the top ten Pan-Asian Michael Jacksons ever. Anyway judge for yourself, it was definitely a night to remember.

EPT London 2010

Some of the most well-known players in the game stuck around EPT London to take part in the Main Event and super-busy side events. There were so many players the place was near impossible to get around in. Oh yeah, and there was a legendary floor show involving fire and chicks — need I continue.

NAPT Venetian 2010

It's a little known fact that famous people like a good party, too! At NAPT Venetian, the welcome party drew some famous people or at least people with IMDB credits like yours truly. I’m not famous though; I only interview famous (poker) people. Actually, in this case Kristy Arnett interviewed the famous people at the NAPT Venetian welcome party.

EPT Berlin 2010

Now, aside from best of the festivities, there is always the party that we enjoy, but that leaves us a bit worried. Take EPT Berlin for example. Just a few days prior to the joint getting robbed, the party set the tone for the week. I should not be surprised that the country that gave us Rammstein would put on the most frightening party, but watch for yourself. It’s easy to see why some of us got a little frightened.

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