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Video Vault: The Sunday Grind

Close your eyes and harken back to a time when Sundays meant gathering around the glow of laptops comforted by the humming from the Intel-chip fan inside. This golden time of nostalgia was just a few weeks ago. The Sunday Majors have gone on as scheduled, but the attention paid to them was more like watching a car accident than following the game’s best as they went head-to-head.

Any follower of PokerNews' videos is familiar with the Sunday Grind series. For obvious reasons, the video team decided to hold off on putting out a new Sunday Grind over the last couple of weeks. We did not feel like rubbing salt in the wounds of the poker community for whom grinding online is now a questionable affair. However, the Sunday Grind is not going away, just taking a little break. For those of you who are Sunday Grind fans, this Video Vault pays homage to the once and future Sunday Grind.

Sunday Grind: Tony Dunst

For the very first Sunday Grind ever, Kristy Arnett called on a poker player known just as much for his personality as for his grinding - Tony Dunst, who had just announced his partnership with the World Poker Tour to host The Raw Deal. This Sunday Grind became an instant classic for no other reason than the fact Dunst is not seen in a suit. Anyone following him knows about his penchant for a suit and tie. Here is the first Sunday Grind ever, but it will not be the last.

Sunday Grind: Van Marcus

Some Sunday Grinds are all about the online world, yet sometimes when PokerNews cameras are rolling, the dynamic can shift in the blink of an eye. Take Van Marcus for example. The Aussie poker pro was slated to show Lynn Gilmartin his grinding skills and instead took her for spin in his Lamborghini. Only at PokerNews does a chat turn into a Formula One tryout.

Sunday Grind: Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel

A slew of poker pros have been covered on Sunday Grinds, but Team PokerNews does pride itself on finding the interesting story, famous pro or not. Take Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, though not a poker player of the traditional online pedigree, the video gamer turned pro still manages to grind with the best of them. The bonus in this video is watching Kristy take on the champ in his own gamer world.

Sunday Grind: ElkY

Most Sunday Grinds cover a poker player’s wall of computer monitors tracking as many tables as possible. However, a number of players are blissfully "homeless," balancing live and online results by living out of suitcases along the wild tournament trail. One player who exemplifies this vagabond personna Bertrand “ElkY” Grosspellier. The Frenchman has clocked over $7 million dollars in tournament winnings but likes to keep grounded in the online world he came from.

Sunday Grind: Kristy Arnett

We do not just follow poker with the burning passion of a thousand suns here at PokerNews. We also pick up the game whenever we can. Look no further than our own Kristy Arnett. In this edition of the Sunday Grind, the “hostess with the mostest” showed off her own grinding station in Las Vegas. Keep in mind this is the grinding station that Kristy won a Mini-FTOPS on, so consider it blessed.

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