2011 PokerStars.com EPT Prague Day 2: A Lucky Lady Gives Tevosov the Lead

Garri Tevosov

Day 2 at the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour Prague Main Event was a great one. The returning field of 407 players was whittled to 136 throughout the six 75-minute levels of play. The chips were flying and most of them landed in the stack of Garri Tevosov, who bagged up 764,000 — enough for the lead.

Plenty of notable players returned to action on Wednesday including Team PokerStars Pros Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Eugene Katchalov, Rino Mathis and Lex Veldhuis. All four hit the rail during the day, with Veldhuis falling in the following hand to Artur Wasek.

With the blinds at 800/1,600/200, action folded to Veldhuis in the cutoff seat and he raised to 3,500. Marian Murcek, in the small blind, reraised to 8,300. Wasek snap-called from the big blind before action fell back on Veldhuis who reraised all-in for 62,300. Murcek quickly ducked out of the way, but Wasek didn't go away so easily. He tanked for a little bit and looked pained about his decision.

Wasek began the hand with around 120,000 in chips and Veldhuis made the comment, "It's only 10 more chips," to Wasek, hinting that the call would only cost Wasek just about 10 blue T5,000 chips. After Wasek heard that comment, another 30 seconds or so passed before he stuck in the call.

Veldhuis was in dominating shape with AQ to Wasek's QJ. He kept his form on the 653 flop along with the Q turn. The river, though, would be his end when the J fell and gave Wasek a winning two pair.

Joining the aforementioned players on the rail were other well-known faces including Fernando Brito, Salman Behbehani, Andrew Frankenberger, Olivier Busquet and Steve O'Dwyer.

Another EPT regular and former champion, Kevin MacPhee, was eliminated by Tevosov in a huge clash with kings to queens. MacPhee held the best of it with the two kings when all the money found its way into the middle preflop in this 500,000-chip clash. But after a queen hit the turn, the pot was shipped Tevosov's way.

With all of those players being eliminated from the event, it may seem like the firepower has left the event. Never fear though, because there's still plenty of tough competition left. To name a few: Mike "Timex" McDonald, David Peters, Chris Moorman and Anton Wigg are all still Left. Team PokerStars also still has Jude Ainsworth and Liv Boeree still in the thick of it all, as well.

The remaining pack will return for play on Thursday at 1200 CET (0300 PST) at the Hilton in Prague. Another great day of action should be in store and the top 104 spots will be paid out, making Thursday the bubble day. Be sure to come right back here to PokerNews follow the action from the time the cards are in the air.

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