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The Online Railbird Report: Negreanu's PokerStars Account Hacked

Daniel Negreanu

In the last week, the 2012 Aussie Millions Poker Championship concluded in Melbourne, Australia, and essentially dominated the poker headlines. Add to that a lull in Viktor “Isildur1” Blom activity, who if you recall was responsible for a great deal of action the week before, and it made for a relatively quiet week on the virtual felt — except for Daniel Negreanu getting hacked.

With that said, there was still enough action to keep the railbirds interested. In fact, the biggest winners of the week were all familiar. The biggest winner over the past seven days was Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky, who banked $255,090 in 19 sessions of 2,935 hands. Rounding out the top four were Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil ($245,823 in 59 sessions/8,254 hands), Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen ($211,791 in 170 sessions/14,000 hands), and Ville Wahlbeck ($209,391 in 19 sessions/2,103 hands).

Eunjong Byun was the week’s biggest loser after dropping $253,926 in 29 sessions of 4,677 hands. Benny “Toweliestar” Spindler (-$195,619 in 19 sessions/2,530 hands), nasud 11 (-$190,077 in 125 sessions/12,641 hands), and Zypherin (-$170,568 in 8 sessions/2,557 hands) round out the top four losers.

K_O_S_T_Y_A Tops a Subdued Friday

The most notable action last Friday concerned a heads-up $50/$100 pot-limit Omaha match between “nasud 11” and the Russian pro “K_O_S_T_Y_A.” The two played on eight tables and in the end, K_O_S_T_Y_A won $109,000, which made him the day’s biggest winner.

In their biggest hand of the day, K_O_S_T_Y_A ($35,248.15) opened for $300 on the button and nasud 11 ($64,502.44) three-bet to $900 from the big blind. K_O_S_T_Y_A made the call and watched as nasud 11 fired out $1,079.70 on the {K-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{6-Hearts} flop. K_O_S_T_Y_A responded by raising to $3,000, nasud 11 called, and the {K-Clubs} appeared on the turn.

At this point, nasud 11 checked, K_O_S_T_Y_A bet $6,100, nasud 11 check-raised to $26,099.50, and K_O_S_T_Y_A moved all-in for $31,348.15. Nasud 11 called the additional $5,248.64 and the cards were turned up.


nasud 11{K-Spades}{6-Spades}{9-Spades}{Q-Clubs}

Both players had turned a full house, but K_O_S_T_Y_A’s kings full of tens were best. The {J-Spades} river was of no consequence and K_O_S_T_Y_A took down the $70,496.30 pot.

In the other big hand between the two, K_O_S_T_Y_A ($36,064.30) opened for $300, nasud 11 ($28,288.50) called, and the two saw a flop of {10-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{6-Hearts}. Nasud 11 checked, K_O_S_T_Y_A bet $500, nasud 11 check-raised to $1,779.59, and K_O_S_T_Y_A called, bringing about the {8-Diamonds} turn. Nasud 11 led out for $3,326.94, K_O_S_T_Y_A raised to $14,139.54, and nasud 11 moved all-in for $26,208.90. K_O_S_T_Y_A called the additional $12,069.35 and the cards were turned up.


nasud 11{10-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{J-Clubs}{6-Clubs}

Nasud 11 had flopped top set, but K_O_S_T_Y_A had turned a straight to take the lead. The former needed the board to pair on the river, but it was literally not in the cards as the {5-Hearts} appeared. K_O_S_T_Y_A took the $56,577 pot.

Even though he lost big in the aforementioned hand, nasud 11 managed to beat Terje “Terken89” Augdal in a heads-up match to finish in the black; consequently, Augdal was the day’s biggest loser, dropping $226,000 throughout the day.

Kyllönen vs. “nasud 11” in Weekend Rumble

The mysterious “nasud 11” was back in action on Saturday as he took on Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen in some $50/$100 PLO matches. When the dust settled, Kyllönen was the day’s biggest loser, dropping $113,600 while nasud 11 finished as the day’s big winner with $96,000. Their match took place throughout Saturday and into the early morning hours of Sunday.

As the weekend wore on, Kyllönen managed to fight back and got revenge on nasud 11 by winning $161,500 on Sunday. Most of that came in a four-hour session comprised of 850 hands. There were two big hands in the match.

Hand #1: Kyllönen ($135,687.04) was on the button and opened for $300, which nasud 11 ($33,148.75) three-bet to $800 from the big blind. Not to be outdone, Kyllönen four-bet $2,400, nasud 11 called, and the flop came down {2-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}. Nasud 11 proceeded to check-call a bet of $3,100 before checking the {Q-Clubs} turn. Kyllönen kept the pressure on with a $7,800 bet, but this time nasud 11 moved all-in for $27,648.75, which Kyllönen called.


nasud 11{J-Diamonds}{K-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{9-Spades}

Both players had flopped trip aces with a king kicker, but the {10-Clubs} spiked on the river to give Kyllönen a winning full house and the $66,297.50 pot.

Hand #2: Kyllönen ($38,082.75) opened for $300, nasud 11 ($30,908.04) exercised his option in the big blind with a raise to $900, and Kyllönen made the call, leading to the {6-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{J-Clubs} flop. Nasud 11 wasted little time in firing out $1,079.70, Kyllönen raised to $4,700, nasud 11 three-bet $15,899.50, and Kyllönen moved all-in for $37,182.75. Nasud 11 called off his remaining $14,108.54 and the cards were turned on their backs:


nasud 11{A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{2-Clubs}

Kyllönen had flopped two pair to crack nasud 11’s aces. He didn't relinquish the lead as the {3-Diamonds} appeared on the turn followed by the {7-Hearts} on the river and was shipped the $61,816.09 pot.

Negreanu’s PokerStars Account Hacked

There were some interesting games on Monday and Tuesday involving Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu at the $50/$100 and $100/$200 no-limit hold’em tables. On Monday, “wobbly_au” was the day’s biggest winner after profiting $138,000, some of which came from Negreanu.

In the biggest hand of the day, which happened at a six-handed table, wobbly_au ($53,979.90) was under the gun and opened for $400, which cleared the field all the way around to Negreanu ($116,598.69) in the big blind. He made the call and then checked the {5-Hearts}{A-Spades}{5-Spades} flop. Wobbly_au took the opportunity to bet $700, Negreanu check-raised to $2,100, wobbly_au three-bet $3,500, Negreanu four-bet $12,100, wobbly_au five-bet $21,200, and Negreanu moved all-in. Wobbly_au called off his remaining $32,379.90 and discovered his {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs} had Negreanu’s {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades} drawing dead. The {J-Clubs} and {J-Diamonds} were run out on the turn and river, as wobbly_au was pushed the $108,009.80 pot.

In another hand, action was four-handed when “sat1337en” ($6,695) opened for $400 under the gun and Negreanu ($50,070) three-bet to $1,200 from the button. Wobbly_au ($40,128) then exercised his option in the small blind with a four-bet to $3,200, sat1337en folded, and Negreanu made the call, leading to a flop of {9-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{A-Clubs}.

After his opponent checked, Negreanu bet $3,800, wobbly_au called, and the {6-Hearts} peeled off on the turn. Again wobbly_au check-called a bet, this time $11,000, and the {4-Spades} was put out on the river. Wobbly_au checked for a third time, and Negreanu shoved all -n. Wobbly_au quickly called off his remaining $22,128 and revealed {A-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}, which bested Negreanu’s {J-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}.

Surprisingly, Negreanu ended up as the day’s biggest loser on Monday, dropping $98,000, though he got about $50,000 back in the early morning hours of Tuesday. This is where things got interesting.

According to reports, Negreanu’s PokerStars and email accounts had been hacked, meaning it was not him playing in the hands mentioned above. Negreanu explained on Twitter:

Negreanu also posted the following on TwoPlusTwo:

“I was on an airplane home while this guy was joyriding my Stars account. He hacked my email and I got that back, still figuring out what happened. When I have all the details I'll share when it makes sense to. Some of you NVGtards really thought that was me??? Man HSP has really done wonders for my image :-)"

According to HighStakesDB, the unknown hacker played over 400 hands under Negreanu’s account and lost more than $46,000. The hacking incident is currently under investigation by PokerStars.

Biggest weekly winners/losers all on PokerStars

Week’s biggest winners (1/27-2/2): Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$255,090), Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil (+$245,823), Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen ($211,791), Ville Wahlbeck (+$209,391)

Week’s biggest losers: Eunjong Byun (-$253,926), Benny “Toweliestar” Spindler (-$195,619), nasud 11 (-$190,077), Zypherin (-$170,568), Rafi “refaelamit” Amit (-$164,085)

Year-to-date winners: patpatman (+$916,534), Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen ($745,211), Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$671,148), Niklas “ragen70” Heineckerragen (+$608,130), bernard-bb (+$544,615), Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil (+$437,377), Davin “mTw-DaviN” Georgi (+$349,939)

Year-to-date losers: Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond (-$663,653), GVOZDIKA55 (-$499,607), long90110 (-$369,936), VietRussian (-$354,355), Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (-$350,537)

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