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Mike Matusow Relearning How to Walk After Complicated Back Surgery

Mike Matusow

In late September, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow revealed on Facebook that he was going to have back surgery after doctors discovered a 7mm central disc protrusion that was interfering with the blood supply to his spinal cord. The MRI came after Matusow experience two months of “feet pain and muscle weakness.”

“Tomorrow morning I’m playing my biggest poker hand ever as I’m going for surgery. Please pray for me,” Matusow wrote on October 19. Unfortunately, Matusow, who underwent surgery at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, suffered some complications that required him to stay in the hospital longer than expected.

“I just woke up as I'm still in hospital from my surgery that I had last Sunday. It was very difficult week but everything points to me walking again and making a full recovery with a lot of physical therapy on horizon on learning how to walk again,” Matusow wrote on Saturday. “I can't begin to today how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends, fans, and family who truly care. I'm looking forward to tackling another obstacle in my path once again, [one] that will make me even stronger.”

Matusow received hundreds of messages of support from poker fans on social media, while some poker pros showed support. Vegas poker pro Raymond Davis visited Matusow in the hospital, while Matusow’s good friend Phil Hellmuth took to Twitter to wish his friend well from afar:

Mike Matusow Relearning How to Walk After Complicated Back Surgery 101
Davis & Matusow. Photo c/o Facebook.

Matusow has since been transferred to the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital where is currently undergoing rehab.

“Just got up onto end of bed by myself for first time. Feels so good having nothing pressing on back [and] with air in room running down it,” Matusow said in an update. “After a horrible night of sleep and some severe pain, I have woken to a great breakfast and I’m getting ready for a nice shower and the goal of walking 50 steps today after doing 12 yesterday. I feel so blessed. Will keep everyone updated on progress.”

Always the jokester, Matusow added: “I’m dressing up as a patient for Halloween.”

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