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Sweden's Oskar Sandberg Wins 2015 Run It Up Reno Survivor Event

Oskar Sandberg and Jason Somerville
  • On Wednesday, Sweden's Oskar Sandberg won the 2015 Run It Up Reno $125 Survivor No-Limit Hold'em event.

The money bubble with 23 players remaining was also the "winner bubble" for the $125 Survivor No-Limit Hold'em event from Jason Somerville's 2015 Run It Up Reno, as play was to conclude when 22 players remained in the field. The closer and closer the money bubble approached, it was clear that only two players were in real contention for the trophy and the title, and in the end it was Swedish player Oskar Sandberg who was crowned champion.

The rules of the tournament were such that the top 22 players would all reach the money and split the prize pool amongst them. But there was still the debate of who would win the gold Run It Up trophy and the $565 Main Event seat, the latter of which was to be awarded to the last Run It Up warrior sporting Run It Up gear in trophy events. Before the event started, players were made aware that the trophy would be awarded the the competitor who reached the money with the largest chip stack. The $565 Main Event seat would go to the Run It Up warrior with the largest chip stack. As it turned out, both of these prizes went to the same person in Sandberg.

Sandberg had gathered 265,000 in chips at the time of the bubble burst, and that was just a little more than Ivan Zarate, who maxed out at 229,000. Sandberg raised his hands aloft after getting final confirmation he was the winner and he was handed the trophy and $565 Main Event buy-in from Somerville.

In total, there were 180 entries in this event, making it the largest on the 2015 Run It Up schedule thus far. Every player that made the money took home $818, and among the players that cashed was William Recker.

While Recker may not be a household name in poker circles by any means, he's certainly making an extremely firm mark of the 2015 Run It Up series. Through the first three events, Recker has cashed in all three. In the opening $125 Tuesday Takeoff No-Limit Hold'em event, Recker finished fifth out of 170 entries to earn $1,188. Then, in the $85 All-In-or-Fold No-Limit Hold'em event that was next up on the schedule, Recker took third out of 112 entries for $1,799. Adding the $818 he scored in this event has earned him a total of $3,805 from the three cashes. What's more is that Recker qualified for Run It Up Reno via DraftKings, making his performances that much sweeter.

The action will continue on Thursday with two more events, first the $125 Thursday Thrilla at 2 p.m. local time and second the $125 Turbo Six-Max Five-Card Pot-Limit Omaha at 6 p.m. You can find coverage of both events right here on, so stay tuned for more action straight from Jason Somerville's Run It Up Reno.

Here's a look at the remainder of the schedule:

EventDayDateTime (PT)EventRoomBuy-in
11Thurs10/2212 p.m.Seminar: Q&ACapriFree
12----2 p.m.Thrilla Bounty ($25 Bounties)Naples$125
13----5 p.m.Turbo Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
14----6 p.m.6-Max 5-Card PLO TurboNaples$125
15----8 p.m.Turbo Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
16----10 p.m.Seminar: Main EventCapriFree
17Fri10/2310 a.m.UFC Morning WorkoutSorrentoFree
18----12 p.m.RIU Main Event (Day 1)Naples$565
19----2 p.m.Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
20----5 p.m.Turbo Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
21----7 p.m.Turbo Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
22----9 p.m.Super Turbo Satellite to Main EventNaples$85
18Sat10/2412 p.m.RIU Main Event (Day 2)NaplesN/A
23----2 p.m.Second Chance No Limit Hold'emNaples$235
24----7 p.m.Ante Only Adventure No Limit Hold'em TurboNaples$85
25----8 p.m.Casino Scavenger Hunt Finale & AwardsSierraFree
26----10 p.m.Night Out at EDGE NightspotEDGE 
18Sun10/251 p.m.RIU Main Event Final Table LivestreamNaples FoyerN/A
27----2 p.m.Re-Buy Roundup No Limit Hold'em with $25 Re-BuysNaples$85
28----6 p.m.Cash Game Hang OutPoker 

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