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Can You Steal Phil Hellmuth's Secret

Phil Hellmuth
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Why do people make jokes about Phil Hellmuth's play at the poker table? The short answer is, because he makes it so incredibly easy.
If you constantly talk about how good you are at poker and dress up like Caesar for the World Series of Poker Main Event, then it's not difficult. But sometimes they also criticize his poker.
Hang on, though.
This is a guy who has won 14 gold bracelets (that's the most of anyone, by the way) and has over $19 million in tournament cashes. What is he, the luckiest guy in Las Vegas?
He definitely plays some hands in an odd fashion, but you simply don't win that much by chance, so something else is going on. The thing is, Hellmuth has mastered one massive secret. He knows how to beat his live tournament opponents and he pursues it relentlessly.

The exciting thing is you can copy what Hellmuth does to win without ever dressing up in a toga.

It's all laid out for you in this new training video from top poker coach Nick Wealthall, and it's something you can put into your game tonight.
You better hurry up and watch while you can, though, because Hellmuth has a Google alert set up to notify him anytime someone uses the words "Hellmuth" and "bad" in the same sentence and a hotline to his lawyers (joking, of course).

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