[REVIEW] Alex Fitzgerald - Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class

[REVIEW] Alex Fitzgerald - Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class

We’ve previously learned so much from Alex Fitzgerald about tournaments that a cash game course was always ‘in the cards. After all, Fitzgerald’s teachings in tournaments put forward many simple yet highly effective ways of making profits in many spots that come up time and time again. Adapting that to cash games is something that feels natural for the man known as ‘Assassinato.’

Starting With Lower Limits

Just as he did when helping you conquer tournament poker, Fitzgerald starts with the lower limits of cash games, which is a good thing. There is so much advanced poker training out there that many players bypass the basics and wonder why they’re not being successful. This course makes sure you don’t miss any easy steps on the way to becoming a profitable cash game player.

The course is broken into different sections, with a massive 12 hours of tuition.

“You'll learn the strategies you need to help you thrash the bums in your local games.”

“You won’t learn the subtle GTO principles you'd need to beat the nosebleed stakes in Macau.” Says Fitzgerald, “You'll learn the strategies you need to help you thrash the bums in your local games.”

What’s so good about the course is that with the principles it puts in place, you can confidently sit at the tables right away, because it helps you profit from the easiest games you’ll find at your local casino or the small stakes online, such as 50NL or 100NL.

Part of the problem with beginning cash game players is that they make simple mistakes. Fitzgerald’s determination to stop ‘his’ players making simple mistakes that regularly cost them money is key to the course. If you’re the type who can’t resist paying that post-flop bet off on the turn instead of saving money when you have a tiny amount of equity, then Assassinato will stop that bad habit and many more.

Above all, the course stops you losing money to worse players than yourself. It’s not only spotting the ‘nut peddlers,’ as Fitzgerald calls them, but learning when to bet yourself. One of the best ways this is done is by highlighting the number of times you will get folds with certain hands.

Spotting Patterns

Spotting the patterns in your opponent’s play becomes much easier after participating in the course, with lots of quizzes throughout about what you should do in a particular spot. If you get it wrong, you’ll always find out why you were wrong, and if you get it right, you’re put to the test again very soon.

The course doesn’t just lecture you on mistakes, it creates a path through the many questions you might have in taking on those players you love to hate at the low stakes. That guy who always gets there with a small pair to crack aces is frustrating, but Fitzgerald will make it easier for you to identify those types of players - and beat them consistently. In that sense, what he also does for you is to de-personalize what you learn. Many of us start playing poker because of the emotion we see in the game from afar, railing a friend at the local casino or enjoying the entertaining personalities we see in televised games. But this course helps you step away from the tilt-inducing low stakes hands and see the bigger picture that making the right decision time and time again help you paint.

If you want to stop making bad c-bets, paying off nut peddlers, and take control of cash games rather than being a passive participant waiting for premium hands to hold up, this is the course for you.

If you want to stop making bad c-bets, paying off nut peddlers, and take control of cash games rather than being a passive participant waiting for premium hands to hold up, this is the course for you.

Like all of Fitzgerald’s courses for people without much experience playing poker, it makes no bones about the fact it is for lower stakes. You’ll need more training to take on those at Bobby's Room, or even your local $10/$20 game at the casino. It’s all about cracking the low stakes and giving yourself a base upon which to progress further.

The course is rightly billed as “a complete program designed to teach people everything they need to know to make a modest living playing live cash games.” Those building blocks are put in place and, most importantly, kept in place by the easy to understand principles.

"I've always thought that any serious poker player should be able to beat $1/$2 live since it is the most popular game in the world,” says Fitzgerald about what drove him to design the course. “There are $1/$2 games in Cambodia, Uruguay, Kazakhstan, anywhere you can think of. It's hard to find a city in America now that isn't building casinos.”

Raising Rocks

Fitzgerald’s course covers the basics religiously, of course, but does a lot to help players exploit every type of low stakes player they might encounter. It’s this kind of dedication that really gives the program extra value.

From raising rocks to mastering multi-way pots, Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class takes you through every stage of low stakes cash games and shows you how to get the most out of it. More than educational, it’s a lot of fun, and makes playing that next session so much more enjoyable because you have the feeling that you’re going in armed with secret information that your opponents don’t. Specific situations are broken down in individual chapters dedicated to them; there’s a whole chapter on three-betting, for instance.

Teaching people how to beat low stakes cash games is clearly something Fitzgerald finds enjoyment in. The majority of poker players are playing live cash at stakes of $1/$2, $1/$3 or at most $2/$5, and it’s the focus on these players that makes the course priceless to those players who regularly play these stakes at their local casino.

The regular price of this package is $799, but Fitzgerald is giving it away at less than half that if you purchase in the next 7 days using the promo code POKERNEWS, so if you’re serious about making profit from cash games at the lower limits such as $1/$2 and are looking for a training package that can help you do that, once again we’ve found that Alex Fitzgerald is the man to do it.

Buy Alex Fitzgerald’s Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class now for $399 by quoting a special PokerNews code of POKERNEWS to get $400 off from the regular price of $799.

Class Title:Master Small Stakes Cash Games in One Class
Coach:Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald
Costs:$399 (limited-time offer)
Bonus code:POKERNEWS
Also available:Master Tournament Poker in One Class

Alex Fitzgerald has taught over 1,000 students, including some of the best players in the modern game. If you fancy joining that number, take advantage of the offer now!


" Alex's cash game series is great! It came out right when I was getting fed up with tournament variance. It gives all the info a small stakes player needs. The series talks about typical game types - aggressive, passive, tight, etc. And most importantly, multiway pots, the nemesis that is seldom addressed in a webinar series.

Alex's teaching style is clear and concise with lots of examples to drive his points home.

His exploitative techniques - explained with math and good old common sense - will bring your game to a whole new level.

And as a result of applying what you learn in the cash game series you end up paying so much more attention to the game, that you might not want to watch that movie on your phone!

I highly recommend it.

Andy Rizzo

"I’ve always felt that Alex was one of the most effective coaches in the poker world. There is nobody who gets to the point as quickly as he does, and nobody else who brings the same passion for teaching.

Alex’s teachings always come from the heart and that’s what makes them stick. He’s giving students a first hand look into HIS PLAYBOOK, the exact playbook he used to make a living plying full time. And he does that because he wants to give his fellow poker players a better life.

This course is his masterpiece, and it’s a complete system for making a living playing small stakes cash. It’s not just going to boost your win rate a couple of big blinds per hundred, no, it’s literally going to give you complete system to make a living because he also covers all the key lifestyle habits to be a pro.

Master small stakes cash in one class teaches you both how to make more big blinds on the table as well as how to save them off the table, and when you put these two together you can call your self a professional poker player and feel good about it."

Evan Jarvis

"I found this video series to be very informative and it provided a unique break down of the different elements of live cash. I particularly enjoyed the videos concerning how to address both passive and aggressive tables/opponents. Anyone who plays as much cash as I do is always happy to find one or two useful tricks they can apply to their game and there are about a dozen in these videos.

The method Alex uses of asking questions is an effective way to make sure those watching his products are active participants, something missing in many other poker products.

Well, I don't know if I will actually do so, I truly believe I could benefit from re-watching most of the videos if not all. I look forward to seeing his next product and have already seen some improvement in my 2/5 results.

James Brady

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  • @TheAssassinato turns Cash Game Guru to help lower stakes players rack up winning sessions.

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