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Annie Duke Offers Advice for Handling Trump on

Annie Duke

Although the casino bearing his name in Atlantic City is apparently on the verge of shutdown, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump recently made poker-related headlines for a different reason.

In an article on, author Jason Tanz talked to Annie Duke about Trump's campaign, and specifically his frayed relationship with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The article is of course chock-full of poker analogies. For example, Duke likens Trump to a player who takes the scene by storm with reckless aggression but then fades away when opponents adjust — Trump currently trails rival Hillary Clinton 45-40 according to The New York Times.

Astute readers might raise their eyebrows at the use of Duke as a representative pro, as she's been mostly absent from the felt in recent years with nary a live cash since December 2011, but the piece gives a unique and fun take on the Trump phenomenon.

Check out the full article over at Wired.

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  • used Annie Duke as a lens to examine the Donald Trump campaign.

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