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READ: CEO Tells Fortune What Women Can Learn From Poker About Business

  • Nancy Lublin gives businesswomen advice in Fortune: Learn how to fold, say goodbye to that hand and move on.

  • READ: CEO Nancy Lublin imparts advice for women on how to use poker to succeed in business.

After playing poker in her mid-20s at underground poker clubs in New York City, Nancy Lublin learned an invaluable lesson: Poker can be applied to business, she told Fortune Sept. 21.

Lublin, CEO of Crisis Text Line and the former CEO of Do Something, revealed this and more in a panel hosted by Sotheby’s Sept. 20, saying that women in particular should know how to fold, leave a hand behind and move on.

Social Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Caterina Fake (also co-founder of Flickr and chairman of the board for Etsy), Senior Technology Correspondent for CNN Laurie Segal and Executive Director of Cool Culture Candice Anderson were all on the panel.

Along with her fellow panelists, Lublin talked about the best way to achieve success, mentioning it may involve an investment.

"Some of the wealthiest women in Silicon Valley—I won’t mention any names—their capital is not being released," Lublin said to Fortune. "The women who have made a lot of money need to start spending it."

You can read the full article at right here.

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