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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Poker Players Enjoy Burning Man, the Work-Life Balance

Burning Man
  • This week's Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat features poker players in the work-life balance and at Burning Man

A slow week in the Twittersphere, for sure, but social media was not devoid of interesting players doing interesting things.

Especially when it comes to documenting Burning Man...

(the largest outdoor arts festival in North America)


Don't get between a man and his curmudgeoning. Looking at you, Steve O'Dwyer.


Liv Boeree discovers alternate realities. The question remains, green?


A photo posted by Liv Boeree (@liv_boeree) on


Antonio Esfandiari. Two words: Squad. Goals.

What an unbelievable journey. The Playa... What a crew!!!

A photo posted by Antonio Esfandiari (@magicantonio) on


Jeff Gross, Bill Perkins (a.k.a Perky) and Dan Bilzerian all pal around nicely. And does it really always have to be about winnings, guys? I mean, come on, you're at Burning Man!

Perky picked up two awards this year at #burningman2016 - 1) Best costume 2) Least amount of time at Burning Man

A photo posted by Jeff Gross (@jeffgrosspoker) on


...And poker pros do what they do best

Max Kruse, a 27-year-old German football pro, is back at the tables! His Instagram game is strong. Last we checked in with Kruse, he left $83,000, his winnings at the World Series of Poker Europe, in a taxi in Berlin in October 2015. He looks to be in better spirits this go round! #vivaconagua

Lets Go!✌#vivaconagua

A photo posted by Max Kruse (@max.kruse10) on


For others, like Faraz Jaka, it's just another day in the office, grinding away in Medellin, Columbia. As one Instagrammer puts it, "such a redic view."

Work days from Medellin, Colombia

A photo posted by Faraz Jaka (@farazjaka) on


Phil Laak also has something to celebrate. His birthday! Happy Birthday, Phil! We'll assume we decided to do away with the candle count this year, but at least you can have your cake and eat it too.

Happy Birthday Phil

A photo posted by Jennifer Tilly (@jennifertilly) on


Sam Abernathy reaches for the sky, traveling to Switzerland to bungee and take in the view.


Jason Mercier gets ready to say 'I do' with wedding day prep.


Remind Dan O'Brien to never get a pet, let alone another plant.

Oh, the humanity! Poker pros are just like you. That's the latest from this week on Instagram and Twitter. Check back next week for more!

Lead Image Photo Credit: Liv Boeree, Antonio Esfandiari, Steve O'Dwyer

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