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Tweet, Tweet, Trick or Treat: Halloween Edition

Tweet, Tweet, Trick or Treat
  • Tweet, Tweet, Trick or Treat: It's time to merge your love for poker with your love for Halloween.

In a break from the usual Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat that comes out every Friday, PokerNews decided it was time to embrace Halloween and come out with Tweet, Tweet, Trick or Treat, the Halloween edition.

Because, honestly, what's better than seeing your favorite poker pros in costume?

(Answer: Seeing them in costume while playing poker...) We're not sure if this guy is a pro, but we do give him props for going all out.

Get Your Freak On

So the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball part makes sense, but figuring out what these featured folks are trying to be for Halloween is the tough part. Any takers?

Talking about poop, but Matt Jarvis looks like a bard with a unicorn...

Makeup game on point.

The face paint contest just got real.


Yoshi looks a little burned out.

Tried and True Costumes

A take on the ever-traditional nerd. Well played.

This is one of those times where people laugh, say you look like something else and go, "You tried."

Cross Fit, PacMan and a stork. Overachiever, much?

On Trend

Star Wars never goes out of style.

There are no words. You win....a quality post with fitting costumes and attitude to match.

OK. Who you gonna call is right, but dressing up with your child was ingenious.

Lead images courtesy of Instagram/Matt Jarvis, Lauren Billings and David Williams

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