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2016 WSOPC Caribbean: Jean-Luc Adam is the Bounty Hunter, 16 Remain in PLO Event

Jean-Luc Adam
  • Jean-Luc Adam wins the World Series of Poker Circuit ring in the $365 Bounty Event!

Only 12 players out of the 104-entry strong field returned to the tables of the Casino Royale and Jean-Luc Adam was leading the hopefuls in the hunt for a World Series of Poker Circuit ring on Day 2 of the $365 Bounty Event. Adam started the day with a solid chip lead, and didn't surrender it until heads-up play, just before defeating fellow Frenchman Jose Menalque.

1Jean-Luc AdamFrance$6,240
2Jose MenalqueFrance$3,850
3Mohammed ElmazouniNetherlands$2,750
4Arman BosnakyanCanada$1,990
5Robbie BakkerNetherlands$1,480
6Sylvie RenelierSint Maarten$1,120
7John YoccaUnited States$850
8Herve BourgoisGuadeloupe$680
9Walter TreccarichiItaly$550
10Gerald MortensenUnited States$430
11Joachim LobSwitzerland$430
12Jacco van LimptNetherlands$430

The day started with a bang when Jacco van Limpt three-bet preflop and continuation bet a queen-high flop before shoving the turn with pocket aces. Menalque snap-called with king-jack suited for the nut straight and sent the Dutchman to the rail.

Joachim Lob followed next when he three-bet jammed for heaps with ace-king and Adam called with ace-queen to spike a queen on the river. While Mohammed Elmazouni doubled, the next all-in showdown would send two players to the rail. Menalque raised the cutoff, Walter Treccarichi shoved from the button and Gerald Mortensen called all in from the small blind. Mortensen showed ace-king, Treccarichi had ace-nine and Menalque pocket eights. A king on the flop was followed by an eight on the turn and suddenly the field was reduced to just eight.

Herve Bourgois had barely taken his seat on the final table when he ran pocket jacks into the pocket kings of Menalque in the small blind. He was soon joined on the rail by John Yocca, as the American's queen-jack suited for top pair on the flop was no good against the pocket aces of Adam.

Local player Sylvie Renelier followed in sixth place after three-bet jamming out of the big blind with queen-jack. Arman Bosnakyan looked her up with pocket queens and faded an open-ended straight draw on the flop to reduce the field to five.

Robbie Bakker then shoved an eight-high flop with pocket sevens only for Adam to look him up with pocket nines. There was no runner-runner miracle or suck out and Bakker had to settle for fifth place.

Arman Bosnakyan doubled up his short stack twice, then put his hopes on an open-ended straight draw. It was once again Adam who was just waiting for it and snap-called with trip nines. It held up after a blank on the river and the tournament was three-handed.

Down to the last three, Mohammed Elmazouni was the shortest stack, but doubled up twice and became the most active player. After being cut down again, he flopped two pair with king-five and checked. Adam checked behind and the stacks then went in after a seven on the turn. Adam showed king-seven for the better two pair and that was it for the Dutchman.

Adam started heads-up with a 3-1 lead over Jose Menalque, but the latter took the top spot after turning a straight with six-seven. Adam grinded his way back into a comfortable lead and the last hand was a limped pot. On a paired ace-high flop with a flush draw, Menalque bet small and check-raised all in after a heart on the turn only to find himself up against the two-three of hearts of Adam. Menalque had some outs still with nine-seven, but the river bricked and the victory went to Adam.

Omaha Action

Several players of the Bounty Event #16 final table jumped right into the action of the $365 Pot-Limit Omaha Event #19 but Herve Bourgois, Walter Treccarichi, Mohammed Elmazouni and Arman Bosnakyan failed to bag up chips. Bourgois lost a massive pot to Martin Ryan in a three-way all in after having flopped the nut straight, only to see Ryan's bottom set and flush draw improve to a full house. Bosnakyan had an even worse cooler with top set against the middle set of Adrian Chandler, who made a runner-runner flush to double up a huge pot.

Ultimately it was Chandler who secured the top spot overnight with 214,000, less than two big blinds ahead of Ryan's 209,500. Robbie Bakker, who finished fifth in the Bounty Event #16, bagged up the third biggest stack with 121,000. The Dutchman first doubled with the nut flush against top set and queen-high flush, then ran a big bluff against Christopher Staats to build his stack.

Thomas Kremser and Benjamin Perez were sent to the rail on the last three tables still and several players then survived all-ins to bag up with 16 players on the last two tables. Only the top nine spots will receive a payout (a minimum of $870), whereas the winner will take home $8,730. The start of Day 2 should provide plenty of action with several short stacks.

Notables that made it through include Orlando Romero (73,000), William "Timmy" Hicks (50,500), Cedric Adam (47,000), the son of Bounty Event winner Jean-Luc Adam, Christopher Staats (41,000), Augusto Cavazzini (34,000), Ben Beighle (25,000) and Dominik French (22,000).

The action will resume tomorrow at 3.30 p.m. local time with level 15 and blinds of 1,500-3,000.

TableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
11Robbie BakkerNetherlands121,000
12Harold MahaffeyUnited States28,000
13Adrian ChandlerTrinidad & Tobago214,000
14Christopher StaatsUnited States41,000
15Aroon MaharajTrinidad & Tobago50,500
16Augusto CavazziniItaly34,000
17Ben BeighleUnited States25,500
18William CabreGuadeloupe56,500
61Dominik FrenchCanada22,000
62Darius TamuleviciusLithuania38,500
63William HicksSint Maarten50,500
64Cedric AdamFrance47,000
65Orlando RomeroUnited States73,000
66Jonathan SellomGuadeloupe53,000
67Martin RyanTrinidad & Tobago209,500
68Jacky AddaFrance22,500
2016 WSOPC Caribbean: Jean-Luc Adam is the Bounty Hunter, 16 Remain in PLO Event 101
Adrian Chandler

Besides Day 2 of the Omaha Event, there will be Day 1 of the $365 NLHE Re-Entry Event #22 at 6 p.m. local time with 10,000 in chips and levels of 30 minutes each. Also, a $250 Super Satellite for the $1,675 WSOPC Main Event will kick off at 9 p.m. local time. Today's Super Sat saw four entries generated and the fifth place finisher received $1,300.

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