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Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Attachments, Hiding and Socking It with Biebs and Negreanu

Tweet Tweet Bad Beat Daniel
  • Tweet, Tweet, Bad Beat: Daniel Negreanu and the Biebs, Liv Boeree's hiding place and luggage anxiety.

Nothing gets you going like a break and the holidays and Twitter getting excited about the break and the holidays.

And a shoutout. Thanks, Sarah Herring, for this gem.

But moving right along. As the players rush to the tables to get their last scores of the year in, they post like no other on the interwebs that we all know and love.

Reppin’ It

Imagine all the people…or kumbaya. Either way, yay poker.

Naming names. Loving the fames?

Finish the sentence! Finish the sentence!

Curiosity kills poker players. So they take to social media and call out their winnings. #realtalk

Best friends forever, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Too Far?

I can’t tell if Marshmallow is having his/her last hurrah or if the pup is just saying, 'f*** it, I’m all in, too.' #tummyrub

Some people are too attached to their belongings. Now, can anyone say this reminds them of Meet the Parents? #xmascheer if you got the reference.

Ummmm…I’m sorry, what? (But really, does he do birthday parties? Great Q, Michael Hollenberg.)

Relaxation for all to share.

Fancy, Schmancy

Nothing else to say but YES.

Snow and skating and lights….and…POSE.

A different kind of family vacation for the holidays.

Are we talking suits or socks? Because socks game on point, Negreanu (along with the facial expression).

Model status. First shoot with Moorman = success.

Workin’ those patterns, doe.

The troll game is strong with this one. #force

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