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Kempe and Colman Score Big Wins at ARIA This Weekend

ARIA High Roller Winners
  • Three ARIA (Super) High Rollers. Three winners. One weekend.

This past weekend at ARIA left notable poker players with some large payouts to kick off March.

ARIA hosted three events: the ARIA $50K Super High Roller and two ARIA $25K High Rollers, all over $300K.

Rainer Kempe Keeps the Chip Lead

Rainer Kempe

Rainer Kempe led the pack with the win for the $50K Super High Roller 16, taking $576,000.

This cash could be what sets Kempe up for 2017, having some larger scores in the recent past. He won last year's Super High Roller Bowl for $5 million, positioned himself for third at the HK$250K Triton Super High Roller Six Max event and cashed at 18th in the WPT L.A. Poker Classic Main Event.

This 24-strong field had other notables cashing: Jan Schwippert (second, $311,040), Sean Winter (third; $172,800) and Cary Katz (fourth, $92,160).

The prize pool for the weekend event was $1,152,000.

To win it this time, Kempe turned a straight. Both Kempe and Schwippert had flush draws, with the latter holding a gut shot. The river card missed those draws, a brick that would work in the favor of Kempe, according to reporting from Poker Central.

Kempe will be back for the Super High Roller Bowl this year, hoping to keep his title for another year.

Daniel Colman Is At It Again

Daniel Colman - 2017 Triton Super High Roller SeriesHK $250,000 6-Max Winner

Daniel Colman's second high roller win of 2017 was a large one and a first for him at ARIA.

Running in the same circles as Kempe, Colman's first win came when he took the Triton Super High Roller Series HK$250K Six Max Event, obtaining about HK$3.6 million or $496,246.

This last Friday, Colman took a slightly smaller score but his first in an ARIA High Roller. His take in the $25K High Roller 53 was $342,240.

Of the 31 entries, he would walk away with the win. He snap called with ace-queen, trying to hold against Mateos' king-eight, and succeeding with a queen on the river, according to Poker Central.

Others who made it to the star-studded final table with him included Adrian Mateos (second, 186,000), David Peters (third, $104,160), Bryn Kenney (fourth, $66,960) and Erik Seidel (fifth, $44,640).

Once More Into a High Roller

Jake Schindler

Jake Schindler made his way out of a 33-entry $25K High Roller 52 at ARIA with $364,320, the first-place prize.

Schindler was followed by Claas Segebrecht (second, $198,000), Bryn Kenney (third, $110,880), Erik Seidel (fourth, $71,280) and Zachary Hyman (fifth, $47,520). This event kicked off the weekend with a few of the pros and a $792,000 prize pool.

Schindler's grab boosted the American's total live earnings ever so slightly to $8.6 million. His best live cash is still a little over $1.1 million.

Lead image courtesy of Flickr/brx0

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