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Vojtech Ruzicka Leads Final Four in partypoker LIVE MILLIONS High Roller

Vojtěch Růžička
  • Vojtěch Růžička is the man to beat when play resumes with 4,198,000 in chips.

The first highlight of the 2017 partypoker MILLIONS Nottingham festival at the Dusk Till Dawn saw 56 players out of a 93-entry strong field return to the tables for Day 2 of the £10,300 High Roller.

Registration remained open for another two levels, and during that period, four new players entered the competition and an additional 13 re-entries boosted the total attendance to 110 entries total.

The prize pool of £1,067,000 was to be shared among the top 11 spots, and at 4:15 a.m. local time, the remaining four hopefuls called it quits to bag up for the night and add an extra day to the schedule in order to determine the champion.

2016 World Series of Poker Main Event November Niner Vojtěch Růžička will be the man to beat when play resumes, as the Czech claimed 4,198,000 in chips and the overnight lead.

Bartlomiej Machon follows in second place with 3,059,000 while Tom Hall (1,943,000) and Chris Backhouse (1,798,000) are the other two contenders after a marathon day of more than 15 hours.

SeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
3Chris BackhouseUnited Kingdom1,798,00022
6Bartlomiej MachonPoland3,059,00038
7Tom HallUnited Kingdom1,943,00024
8Vojtěch RůžičkaCzech Republic4,198,00052

Among the early casualties during the re-entry period was Ema Zajmovic who failed to get there with ace-king against the pocket kings of partypoker pro [PLAYER="joao-simao"]Joao Simao[/PLAYER]. Like Zajmovic, partypoker pro Anatoly Filatov and High Roller regulars Charlie Carrel, Orpen Kisacikoglu, Adrian Mateos, Paul Newey and [Removed:17] never managed to run up their stacks. Kisacikoglu turned a full house with ace-queen only to see Chris Backhouse turn over pocket aces for the superior full house. The rest was history.

Trickett put his hopes on ace-jack, and was drawing dead on the turn.

2016 November Niner Kenny Hallaert, as well as the partypoker ambassadors Roberto Romanello and Sam Trickett then followed suit once the registration was closed.

Romanello rivered a flush with five-three suited in three-way action and Max Silver snap-called with ace-ten suited for the nut flush. Trickett put his hopes on ace-jack, and was drawing dead on the turn of a queen-high board against the set of queens of Dominik Nitsche.

Rainer Kempe bowed out before the dinner break and once all players had returned, seven further hopefuls were gone within just 20 minutes. Silver and Nitsche then got short and ran out of chips before the final two tables were set and Ben Heath followed suit while not even all players had taken their new seats yet.

Keith Johnson, start-of-the-day chip leader Niall Farrell and Paul Byrne also missed out on the money. Jan-Eric Schwippert ended up as the bubble boy.

Schwippert was one of three short stacks at the outer table and defended his big blind with king-deuce suited, then shoved a seven-high flop with his flush draw. Machon called with pocket sixes for an open-ended straight draw and the bubble burst after blanks on the turn and the river.

Jan-Eric Schwippert bubbles 2017 partypoker Millions Dusk Till Dawn £10,300 High
Jan-Eric Schwippert bubbles 2017 partypoker Millions Dusk Till Dawn£10,300 High Roller.

Govert Metaal was the first player in the money and Oliver Waters also had to settle for the min cash worth £20,000. At 1 a.m. local time, the unofficial nine-handed final table was set with the following seat assignments:

SeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Daniel MerrileesUnited Kingdom210,0005
2Joao SimaoBrazil1,076,00027
3Chris BackhouseUnited Kingdom727,00018
4Laszlo BujtasHungary1,634,50040
5Stefan SchillhabelGermany1,624,50040
6Jason WheelerUnited States1,424,50035
7Bartlomiej MachonPoland1,500,50037
8Tom HallUnited Kingdom1,081,00027
9Vojtěch RůžičkaCzech Republic1,721,50043

All players agreed to play down to the last six and then bag up for the night; however, that plan would later see a slight amendment. Daniel Merrilees, who was one of the four new entrants of Day 2, was by far the shortest stack but managed to first chop and then triple up in fortunate fashion. However, Merrilees eventually saw his pocket queens cracked by the pocket tens of Růžička and the Brit was gone in ninth place.

Stefan Schillhabel lost most of his stack when shoving a ten-high flush draw river with pocket eights, and Backhouse called with ace-three for a straight. Schillhabel then shoved king-queen suited and Machon looked him up with ace-nine off suit to claim the pot after a five-high board.

Partypoker pro Joao Simao became the last casualty of the night.

High-stakes pot-limit Omaha cash game expert Laszlo Bujtas then got it in with less than eight big blinds and king-jack, only for Machon to find ace-jack and send the second player in a row to the rail.

Jason Wheeler suggested to play the last 40 minutes of the new level and then finish for the night, and the American pro bowed out just a few minutes later. Wheeler shoved for 15 big blinds with jack-ten off suit and Machon called with ace-seven offsuit in the big blind, again a nine-high board changed nothing.

Partypoker pro Joao Simao became the last casualty of the night. Růžička shoved from the small blind with ace-jack and the short-stacked Brazilian called with ace-deuce. A jack on the flop all but sealed it, and an ace on the turn left Simao drawing dead.

Joao Simao
Jason Wheeler (left) and Joao Simao (right) eliminated in sixth and fifth place.
PlacePlayerCountryPayout (in £)Payout (in $)
1  £320,000$406,984
2  £185,000$235,288
3  £142,000$180,600
4  £110,000$139,900
5Joao SimaoBrazil£85,000$108,105
6Jason WheelerUnited States£65,000$82,670
7Laszlo BujtasHungary£50,000$63,590
8Stefan SchillhabelGermany£40,000$50,870
9Daniel MerrileesUnited Kingdom£30,000$38,155
10Oliver WatersUnited Kingdom£20,000$25,437
11Govert MetaalNetherlands£20,000$25,437

After the elimination of partypoker pro in fifth place, the remaining four players agreed to stop the clock with 14 minutes left in level 23 at blinds of 40,000/80,000 with a running ante of 8,000. They will return tomorrow at 3 p.m. local time to determine the champion.

The PokerNews live reporting team will be there to provide the action until a champion is crowned, and a live stream with hole cards will be available on a security delay of 30 minutes.

Dusk Till Dawn - partypokerLIVE - Ferrari

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