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Philipp Gruissem Wins the PSC Monte Carlo €25,500 Single-Day High Roller

Philipp Gruissem
  • Gruissem beasted through the field, never relinquishing chips.

Philipp Gruissem beasted through the field, applying all the pressure on the bubble and never relinquishing the chips he gathered at the 2017 PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino® €25,500 Single-Day High Roller.

Gruissem was the official winner who received the trophy, but Steve O'Dwyer walked away with the biggest paycheck as he had more chips when the deal was made.

Gruissem, however, was the one getting the richest from the tournament because he was in for a single bullet while O'Dwyer had fired four.

A total of 58 players entered, together with the 27 reentries that made for a field of 85 playing for a €2,082,500 prize pool.

1Philipp GruissemGermany1€485,135
2Steve O'DwyerIreland4€494,665
3John JuandaIndonesia1€266,550
4Justin BonomoUnited States1€205,100
5Oliver WeisGermany1€162,450
6Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus2€127,030
7Daniel DvoressCanada1€100,000
8Jason MercierUnited States2€78,100
9Nick PetrangeloUnited States2€59,350
10David PetersUS1€52,060
11Joao SimaoBrazil1€52,060
Philipp Gruissem

With just 30 minutes per level and the option to buy back in when busted, the action was fierce from the get-go. Play got underway on a short delay, but as soon as cards were in the air, the chips were flying. When registration closed after eight levels, the clock mentioned 27 reentries. Dan Colman, Mike Watson, [Removed:17] and Erik Seidel all entered three times, but O'Dwyer was record holder with four entries.

While he was in for the most money, he also had the most chips in front of him when the tournament went on dinner break with 12 players remaining and 11 getting paid. Shortly after the players had returned, Rafael Moraes bubbled as his queen-jack failed to improve to a straight. Moraes had pushed his draw against the two-pair of Gruissem who had checked back the flop.

The bubble was a Brazilian, and his countryman Joao Simao was next to go. Simao lost with ace-seven suited to John Juanda's pocket eights. David Peters lost with pocket sixes to Gruissem's ace-king, forming the final table. With the busting of two players, Gruissem had the lead, having gained a lot of chips on the bubble.

What followed was a rapid execution of several players. They just about followed each other out the door on their way to the payout desk. Nick Petrangelo (queen-jack lost to ace-three) and Jason Mercier (ace-jack lost suited to sevens) both felt victim to Gruissem while Oliver Weis took care of Daniel Dvoress (ace-three lost to ace-ten) and Mikita Badziakouski (deuces lost to ace-king).

Weis had been short on the bubble but was suddenly a force to be reckoned with. In a sudden change of events, however, he was still the next to go. Juanda pushed with ace-king from the button, Weis reshoved with eights from the small blind and O'Dwyer called from the big blind with jacks to put them both at risk. Juanda made a straight and tripled up and O'Dwyer won the side pot with a set to Weis' unimproved pair of eights.

Justin Bonomo lost to Gruissem with king-queen suited to pocket fours and Juanda was sent to the rail as his king-queen failed to improve against the pocket eights of O'Dwyer.

Philipp Gruissem

Gruissem and O'Dwyer agreed to a deal right away. O'Dwyer was to receive €494,665 while Gruissem guaranteed himself €465,135. They left €20,000 in the middle and decided to flip for it.

After two hands of going all in blind, it was done. Gruissem made a full house on the first blind push and the nut straight on the second. O'Dwyer, apparently not very talented at going blind all in, failed to make a hand both times.

Next up is the 3-day €25,750 High Roller to close the week. The Main Event is still ongoing with some huge names left in the field. Both events you can follow on, your one-stop-shop for anything and everything PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo.

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