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Liv Boeree's Advice for Las Vegas Adventurers

Liv Boeree's Advice for Las Vegas Adventurers 0001
  • Nature and poker? According to @Liv_Boeree, combing the two can help with your poker game.

Poker players from all over the world descend upon Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker each summer where they spend endless hours inside the Rio, and they rarely venture outdoors (unless it’s to warm up or smoke). Liv Boeree is one player, however, that makes getting outdoors during the WSOP a priority, and in her words – “I just like to get out of the city as much as possible during the WSOP. I get stir crazy if I spend too much time indoors.” This year her priority was taking a short trip to the Grand Canyon. We asked how the Grand Canyon won out for the summer side trip, and she explained, “Igor had never been to [the] Grand Canyon before, so I had to do something about that immediately, as it’s incredible.” So, off to Arizona it was for a break from poker.

An estimated five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year, and if you follow Boeree on Instagram or Twitter it is easy to see why. Her social posts not only show the beauty of the canyon, but Boeree’s appreciation for nature. When asked how important nature is to her, she responded: “It’s hugely important to me. I grew up surrounded by nature and always feel at my best in it.” Her appreciation of nature was evident this this past Earth Day, as she posted pictures of Zion National Park in Utah on Instagram and Twitter.

Taking time to enjoy the outdoors can have beneficial effects both physically and mentally. Many players grind upwards of fourteen hours a day during the WSOP, which can take a toll on one’s mental state. Boeree feels that taking nature trips helps her with her game, and she had this to say, “I always feel reinvigorated after an adventure, and that obviously helps with [my] mental game. Getting out and about provides a fresh perspective on the grind!” That sounds like good advice for poker and life.

Boeree is not the only player taking time away from the felt during the WSOP to enjoy the beauty of the Southwestern U.S. Timothy Adams recently took time away from the felt to explore Zion National Park and posted a spectacular picture on Twitter.

And, Mustapha Kanit followed the lead of millions and decided to visit Grand Canyon this summer. He posted this vivid picture of himself deep inside the canyon.

Boeree’s love for nature and her thirst for adventure were so evident that we posed the question of what local side trip she would recommend to a Las Vegas visitor. She enthusiastically responded: “The easiest is Red Rock Canyon - stunning, 25-minute drive from the city and every kind of hike you could want from gentle strolls to intense climbing. Or, if you want to escape the heat, a 50-minute drive gets you up into Mount Charleston - it's really high, so much cooler and very different, alpine environment.” If this poker thing doesn’t work, Boeree might just have a career as a nature travel guide!

If you want to follow more of Liv’s adventures on and off the felt, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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