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Global Casino Champion Sean Yu Adds Commerce Poker Title

Sean Yu
  • Sean Yu isn't slowing down after winning the Global Casino Championship in August.

Sean Yu pocketed his second score of over $200,000 in the past couple of months as he won the Commerce Poker Series $1,100 Main Event for $209,030.

The big win for Yu comes just after he won the WSOP Global Casino Championship for nearly $300,000. He qualified for that, in turn, by winning the WSOP Circuit Main Event in Las Vegas last September for another $170,000. Yu has now passed $1.5 million in live tournament cashes.

Furthermore, he pledged five percent of this win to Hurricane Harvey relief, according to Commerce Poker's Twitter, which also carried live updates of the event.

Official Final Table Results

1Sean Yu$209,030
2Chahn Jung$123,680
3Berkeley Yuan$79,260
4Michael Zelman$52,150
5Michael Pearson$40,570
6Hsiao Liu$33,560
7Ross Tesser$28,150
8Ubaid Habib$22,970
9Mark Mazza$19,440

The tournament boasted a $1 million guarantee, but the event fell short of meeting the guarantee by about $100K, which meant Commerce had to kick in an overlay.

Final Table Action

Berkeley Yuan scored a couple of eliminations to get the field down to five at the final table and grab the chip lead after entering the final table as the shortest stack. He was dealt aces against ace-king to double and then won with {a-Hearts}{9-Clubs} against the {a-Diamonds}{8-Clubs} of Hsiao Liu to send her packing in sixth.

Yu maneuvered into the top spot from there and then scored the next elimination when he sniffed out an all-in check-raise bluff from Michael Pearson on a {7-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{3-Spades} flop. Pearson held {10-Spades}{9-Spades} and at least had a couple of live cards to pair against Yu's pocket sixes but no help arrived on the turn or river.

Michael Zelman was next to go after he shoved for 1.13 million over a raise from Chahn Jung, and Jung called with {k-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}. He got there against Zelman's {a-Clubs}{5-Hearts} by flopping a pair of kings.

Yu held a sizable chip lead three-handed, covering his remaining two opponents, and he reduced that number down to one when he busted Yuan. Yuan shoved over a limp from Jung holding {k-Hearts}{10-Spades} but Yu woke up with {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts} behind him and flopped an ace to end the sweat early.

Yu Closes it Out

Yu got tricky heads up and limped in with pocket jacks, putting in a reraise to 780,000 when Jung kicked it up to 255,000. Jung responded by shipping it in and Yu called, seeing he was in a dominating spot against pocket sevens. The flop came clean for Yu and he locked it up with a set on the turn to win a prize of over $200K that includes a seat into next year's L.A. Poker Classic, worth $10,000.

Photo courtesy of Commerce Poker

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