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2018 World Series of Poker Cash Game Festival London

PokerNews Podcast 462: Doug Polk Talks Phil Hellmuth, Germans and More

  • #PNPod: @DougPolkPoker reveals his thoughts on @phil_hellmuth and some members of the high-stakes community.

All the buzz was about the Poker Masters this week. So, it seemed only fitting to have one of the most outspoken high-stakes regulars join the show, Doug Polk.


4:00 - Brent Harrington and Sarah Herring discuss the stand out, and eventual winner of the Poker Masters, Steffen Sontheimer

9:05 - What the internet had to say about Phil Hellmuth's performance

19:00 - In The World vs an Alien Race, who would you chose to represent the World Heads-Up No-Limit? Send your answers to @AuntyChardonnay and @BrentHarrington with the Hashtag #PNPOD

25:00 - Doug Polk joins the show and reveals what motivates him more: poker or digital content?

30:00 - Polk responds to the myth that he 'Does not believe in live tells."

33:00 - Polk's position on Hellmuth's play and his persona

41:00 - Does Polk think Steffen Sontheimer is the next big thing?

43:00 - A WTF? hand played against Isaac Haxton

47:20 - King of the Hill

50:00 - Does Hellmuth really NEVER BLUFF? Polk explains how Daniel Cates found out the hard way.

51:45 - Polk responds to Tweet about feeling burned out.

55:00 - Coaching World Series of Poker Main Event Runner-Up Daniel Ott

59:00 - Does making fun of people ever cause friction for Polk?

1:05:00 - Polk's choice to represent The World against the Aliens.

1:06:00 - What you can expect next week on the Podcast

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