partypoker Reveals New, Beefed-Up PLO Schedule


While the partypoker live operations team busies themselves hosting the Caribbean Poker Party Festival, with its millions in guarantees, the online team continues to revamp the offerings on the virtual felt in response to player feedback.

The latest changes come in the form of a new, beefed-up pot-limit Omaha weekly schedule released on Friday. The new schedule features 25 daily tournaments with combined weekly guarantees totaling nearly $180,000. The tournaments run nearly around the clock each day, ranging from $5.50 with a $500 guarantee to $109 with a $5,000 guarantee during the week. Many guarantees are pumped up on Sunday, topping out at $7,500 for the $109 buy-in.

Furthermore, all of the tournaments will run with six-handed tables.

"The schedule has been in place for a few days now and the feedback from PLO specialists has been positive," partypoker officials said in the schedule's release.

It's the latest move in a continuing effort by partypoker to cater to player feedback in operations decisions. Most recently, the company ended a long-running policy of charging dormant accounts a small monthly fee.

GVC, parent company of partypoker, has seen their moves bear fruit both monetarily, in the form of revenue increases, and through industry and player plaudits. The team wrested Operator of the Year honors from rival PokerStars after a dominating three-year of victories by the red spade.

Here's a look at the revamped PLO schedule on partypoker:

Time (EST)Time (U.K.)TournamentBuy-inWeekday GuaranteeSunday Guarantee
02:3007:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
04:3009:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
05:3010:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
06:3011:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
07:3012:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
08:3013:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
08:3013:30Middleweight: $1K Gtd$22$1,000$1,000
09:3014:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
10:3015:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
10:3015:30Middleweight: $1K Gtd$22$1,000$1,000
11:3016:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
12:3017:30Featherweight: $750 Gtd$5.50$750$1,000
12:3017:30Middleweight: $1.5K Gtd PLO$22$1,500$2,000
14:3019:30Featherweight: $1K Gtd Turbo$5.50$1,000$1,000
14:3019:30Middleweight: $2K Gtd$22$2,000$2,000
14:3019:30Heavyweight: $5K Gtd$109$5,000$7,500
16:3021:30Featherweight: $750 Gtd Turbo$5.50$750$1,000
16:3021:30Middleweight: $1K Gtd Turbo$22$1,000$2,000
17:3022:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
18:3023:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd$5.50$500$500
18:3023:30Middleweight: $1.5K Gtd$22$1,500$1,500
18:3023:30Heavyweight: $2K Gtd$109$2,000$2,000
20:3001:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
20:3001:30Middleweight: $1K Gtd Turbo$22$1,000$1,000
21:3002:30Featherweight: $500 Gtd Turbo$5.50$500$500
  • Need more four-card poker in your life? partypoker wants to oblige with its revamped daily schedule.

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