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WATCH: Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2018 Short Deck Cash Game

Tom Dwan

While the Short Deck craze recently migrated from Asia to the U.S., where it made its televised debut last month at the Poker Masters, fans are transported closer to its origin as Triton Poker puts out content featuring some familiar faces playing Short Deck during July's high roller series in Jeju, South Korea.

With high production quality, top-notch commentary by Randy "nanonoko" Lew, stellar lineups, and big cash games, the episodes contain all the elements of entertaining content for poker fans new and old. If you're wondering just how big the games are in USD, it's a $300,000 buy-in with a $3,000 ante and a big blind of $6,000 posted by the button - and the occasional $10,000 straddle.

The aforementioned stellar lineups include the likes of Tom Dwan, Paul Phua, Jason Koon, Andrew Robl, Elton Tsang, Qiang Wang and Tan Xuan.

Triton Poker Short Deck Cash Game Episodes

Catch all the high stakes cash Short Deck action as players battle it out in Jeju, with Triton putting out episodes via Twitch and YouTube every Sunday and Wednesday at 11 p.m. ET.

Short Deck Poker Triton Poker Episode 1

Short Deck Poker Triton Poker Episode 2

Short Deck Poker Triton Poker Episode 3

Short Deck Rules

If you're new to Short Deck, as most readers will be, you can learn a lot as Lew breaks down the game and walks viewers through the action. For a quick rundown though, the concept is simple, but the execution is complex.

All the twos through fives have been removed from the deck and you can now make a straight with six-seven-eight-nine-ace. Oh, and flushes beat full houses because boats are a bit easier to come by in this game. For more insight, check out these tips from two pros not so new to the game - Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey.

  • WATCH: Tom Dwan, Jason Koon, Andrew Robl, Paul Phua and others battle in a $300K buy-in Short Deck cash game.

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