888poker LIVE Heads to Sochi on Aug. 8-15

888poker LIVE Sochi

For the first time, the 888poker LIVE festival will be heading to Sochi, Russia for eight days of exciting poker at the Sochi Casino & Poker Club. The festival features plenty of tournaments and satellites with combined guarantees of $1 million on Aug. 8-15.

The Guarantees

Three of the tournaments feature six-figure guarantees:

DatesEventBuy-in in ₽Buy-in in $Guarantee
Aug. 8-10888poker Cup₽31,080$444$100,000
Aug. 11-14888poker LIVE Sochi High Roller₽132,160$1,888$100,000
Aug. 10-15888poker LIVE Main Event₽62,160$888$500,000

PokerNews Covering the Main Event

As usual, PokerNews will be on hand to cover the highlight of the festival; the 888poker LIVE Sochi Main Event featuring a ₽62,160/$888 buy-in and a lofty $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The tournament is a deep-stacked affair with players starting each of the five opening flights on Aug. 10-12 with 50,000 in chips. Unlimited reentries are allowed up until the conclusion of the fourth blind level on Day 2 on Aug. 12. The first three opening flights feature 40 minute blind levels with Day 1d (25 minutes) and Day 1e (15 minutes) moving along at a quicker pace.

The blind levels increase to one hour in length on Day 2 and beyond until the action is heads-up on Aug. 15 when blinds levels will be cut in half to 30 minutes until a winner is crowned.

The winner will not only walk away with the lion's share of the prize pool but also be awarded a 2020 WSOP Main Event package compliments of 888poker.

888poker LIVE Sochi Schedule

DateTime (MSK)TournamentBuy-inStackClock
Aug. 811 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to 888poker Cup Day 1a₽3,500/$503 Seats 
 12 p.m.888poker Cup Day 1a₽31,080/$444$100,000 
 2 p.m.Satellite to 888poker Cup Day 1b₽5,240/$755 Seats 
 5 p.m.888poker Cup Day 1b₽31,080/$444$100,000 
 9:30 p.m.Hyper Turbo Deep Stack Bounty₽15,400/$220$10,000 
Aug. 910:30 a.m.888poker Cup Turbo Day 1d₽31,080/$444$100,000 
 1 p.m.888poker Cup Day 2₽31,080/$444$100,000 
 5 p.m.Hyper Turbo Deep Stack₽11,550/$165$5,000 
 9 p.m.Super Satellite to Main Event 1a₽7,700/$11010 Seats 
Aug. 1011 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1a₽7,000/$1003 Seats 
 12 p.m.Main Event Day 1a₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 12 p.m.888poker Cup Final Day $100,000 
 1 p.m.Satellite to Main Event 1b₽7,700/$1105 Seats 
 4 p.m.Hyper Turbo Deep Stack₽11,550/$165$5,000 
 7 p.m.Super Satellite to High Roller Day 1₽15,400/$2206 Seats 
 10 p.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1b₽7,000/$1004 Seats 
Aug. 1111 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1b₽7,000/$1003 Seats 
 12 p.m.Main Event Day 1b₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 1 p.m.Satellite to Main Event 1c₽7,700/$1105 Seats 
 4 p.m.Bounty Satellite to High Roller Day 1₽23,100/$3303 Seats 
 8 p.m.High Roller Day 1₽132,160/$1,888$100,000 
 10 p.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1c₽7,000/$1004 Seats 
Aug. 1211 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1c₽7,000/$1003 Seats 
 12 p.m.Main Event Day 1c₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 1 p.m.Bounty Satellite to High Roller Day 2₽23,100/$3303 Seats 
 4 p.m.Bounty Satellite to Main Event Day 1d₽15,400/$2205 Seats 
 8 p.m.High Roller Day 2₽132,160/$1,888$100,000 
 8 p.m.Main Event Day 1c₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 10 p.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Main Event Day 1e or Day 2₽7,000/$1004 Seats 
Aug. 1310 a.m.Main Event Turbo Day 1e₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 1:30 p.m.Main Event Turbo Day 2₽62,160/$888$500,000 
 5 p.m.Last Chance Turbo Satellite to High Roller Day 3₽5,250/$2204 Seats 
 8 p.m.High Roller Day 3₽132,160/$1,888$100,000 
 10 p.m.Hyper Turbo Deep Stack Bounty₽30,000/$440$20,000 
Aug. 1411 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Super Bounty₽5,250/$753 Seats 
 12 p.m.Main Event Day 3 $500,000 
 1 p.m.Super Bounty₽46,200/$660$25,000 
 6 p.m.Pot Limit Omaha Bounty₽30,800/$440$15,000 
 9 p.m.Hyper Turbo Deep Stack Bounty₽19,250/$275$20,000 
 9 p.m.High Roller Final Day $100,000 
 10 p.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Turbo Main₽7,000/$1004 Seats 
Aug. 1511 a.m.Hyper Turbo Satellite to Turbo Main₽7,000/$1003 Seats 
 12 p.m.Main Event Final Day $500,000 
 12 p.m.Turbo Main Event₽62,160/$888$100,000 
 3 p.m.Satellite to Turbo Deep Stack Super Bounty₽5,250/$755 Seats 
 5 p.m.Turbo Deep Stack Super Bounty₽38,500/$550$15,000 

*Lead image courtesy of 888poker.

  • The player that wins the Main Event will also be treated with a 2020 WSOP Main Event package.

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