GGPoker Announces GGSOP; Play WSOP Classics Without Breaking the Bank!

GG Series Of Poker

The 2020 WSOP Online has only just concluded but GGPoker has wasted no time in announcing its latest foray into the online poker tournament festival world.

GGSOP, or Good Game Series Of Poker to give the series its full title, heads to GGPoker from September 12 and continues through to September 27. Some 54 events are scheduled, just like the 2020 WSOP Online, and these have combined guaranteed prize pools of $6.5 million despite buy-ins ranging from only $2.50 up to a still affordable $50.

Management at GGPoker devised the schedule to recreate the recently finished WSOP. The series is being billed as “the full WSOP experience for all low stakes players” and a festival that gives GGPoker’s customers to chance to “play all your favourite WSOP classics without breaking the bank.”

Strangely, the GGSOP’s biggest events are scheduled for Saturday instead of Sunday, the latter traditionally being the busiest day of the week for online poker sites. It’s an interesting move from the site and one that other operators may replicate if the GGSOP is successful.

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Standout GGSOP Events

A handful of GGSOP events stand out from the crowd, including the GGSOP #2: $25 GGMaster [GGSOP Opener]. This event features a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool for a $25 buy-in.

There’s also a $15 MILLIONAIRE Maker Jr with a $150,000 guarantee. You won’t win anywhere near the gargantuan $1,489,289 Daniel Dvoress scooped for his victory in the $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER but the prizes will still be substantial.

DateGMTEvent #Event NameBuy-InGTD
Sep 1217:00GGSOP #2$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Opener], $100K GTD$25.00$100,000
Sep 1918:30GGSOP #28$15 MILLIONAIRE MAKER Jr [Final Day], $150K GTD, $25K to 1st$15.00$150,000
Sep 2418:00GGSOP #42$2.50 MICRO PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP$2.50$10k Super MILLION$ Seat for First
Sep 2618:00GGSOP #49$50 No Limit Hold'em Main Event, $250K GTD$50.00$250,000
Sep 2618:30GGSOP #50BIG 5 [Final Day], $100K GTD$5.00$100,000

Micro stakes players also have the chance for a hefty prize in the series’ 50th event. The BIG 5 boasts of a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool despite the buy-in set at only $5!

The crown jewel of the GGSOP schedule is the No Limit Hold’em Main Event. A $50 buy-in buys you a shot at a prize pool guaranteed to be at least $250,000.

Stoyan Madanzhiev Wins the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event ($3,904,686)

$100,000 Leaderboard

Starting September 12th, players will also have the chance to compete in a hotly-contested GGSOP leaderboard. With $100,000 leaderboard up for grabs, the top 100 players will share the total prize pool. Details of how the prize money will be divided up is yet to be released.

Sign Up for a GGPoker Account Through PokerNews

If you want to play in the WSOP 2020 Online on GGPoker, you'll need to sign up for an account. By downloading GGPoker via PokerNews entitles you to a welcome bonus worth up to $600. Your first deposit is matched 200% up to a maximum of $600, setting you up nicely in time for the WSOP Online.

The bonus releases into your account in $10 increments each time you earn 6,000 Fish Buffet Points, which is the equivalent of $60 in rake or tournament fees.

2020 GGSOP Full Schedule

Check out the full 54-event schedule below.

DateGMTEvent #Event NameBuy-InGTD
Sep 1216:00GGSOP #1$11.11 Every 1 for Covid Relief$11.11$50,000
Sep 1217:00GGSOP #2$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Opener], $100K GTD$25.00$100,000
Sep 1218:30GGSOP #3$10 The Opener [Final Day], $100K GTD$10.00$100,000
Sep 1220:00GGSOP #4$5.25 Super Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$5.25$15,000
Sep 1312:00GGSOP #5$6 Monster Stack No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed [Asia]$6.00$10,000
Sep 1317:00GGSOP #6$150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150.00$500,000
Sep 1318:00GGSOP #7$15 FIFTY STACK No Limit Hold'em$15.00$50,000
Sep 1319:00GGSOP #8$50 Pot Limit Omaha Championship$50.00$25,000
Sep 1417:00GGSOP #9$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 1419:00GGSOP #10$10.50 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha$10.50$5,000
Sep 1420:00GGSOP #11$25 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$25.00$25,000
Sep 1517:00GGSOP #12$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 1518:00GGSOP #13$40 COLOSSUS$40.00$100,000
Sep 1519:00GGSOP #14$40 PLOSSUS$40.00$25,000
Sep 1520:00GGSOP #15$8.40 Bounty No Limit Hold'em$8.40$20,000
Sep 1612:00GGSOP #16$15 No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$15.00$15,000
Sep 1617:00GGSOP #17$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 1620:00GGSOP #18$5 Turbo Deepstack No Limit Hold'em$5.00$5,000
Sep 1717:00GGSOP #19$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 1718:00GGSOP #20$52.50 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship$52.50$75,000
Sep 1720:00GGSOP #21$10 No Limit Hold'em$10.00$10,000
Sep 1817:00GGSOP #22$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 1818:00GGSOP #23$25 Double Stack No Limit Hold'em$25.00$25,000
Sep 1820:00GGSOP #24$5.25 Bounty No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$5.25$5,000
Sep 1912:00GGSOP #25$5 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$5.00$10,000
Sep 1917:00GGSOP #26$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition], $100K GTD$25.00$100,000
Sep 1918:00GGSOP #27$5 Mini Main Event$5.00$20,000
Sep 1918:30GGSOP #28$15 MILLIONAIRE MAKER Jr [Final Day], $150K GTD, $25K to 1st$15.00$150,000
Sep 2012:00GGSOP #29HK$388 No Limit Hold'em Asia ChampionshipHK$388HK$400,000
Sep 2017:00GGSOP #30$150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150.00$500,000
Sep 2018:00GGSOP #31$50 No Limit Hold'em Deepstack Championship$50.00$150,000
Sep 2112:00GGSOP #32$5 Deepstack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$5.00$10,000
Sep 2117:00GGSOP #33$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 2120:00GGSOP #34$8.40 Turbo Bounty No Limit Hold'em$8.40$15,000
Sep 2217:00GGSOP #35$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 2218:00GGSOP #36$50 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship$50.00$50,000
Sep 2219:00GGSOP #37$8 Pot Limit Omaha$8.00$5,000
Sep 2312:00GGSOP #38$15 Marathon No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$15.00$15,000
Sep 2317:00GGSOP #39$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 2318:00GGSOP #40$10 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed$10.00$10,000
Sep 2417:00GGSOP #41$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 2420:00GGSOP #43$4 FORTY STACK No Limit Hold'em$4.00$10,000
Sep 2516:00GGSOP #44$15 Pot Limit Omaha$15.00$10,000
Sep 2517:00GGSOP #45$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$25.00$50,000
Sep 2520:00GGSOP #46$10 Turbo No Limit Hold'em 8-Handed$10.00$10,000
Sep 2612:00GGSOP #47$3 Double Stack No Limit Hold'em [Asia]$3.00$10,000
Sep 2617:00GGSOP #48$25 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition], $100K GTD$25.00$100,000
Sep 2618:00GGSOP #49$50 No Limit Hold'em Main Event, $250K GTD$50.00$250,000
Sep 2618:30GGSOP #50BIG 5 [Final Day], $100K GTD$5.00$100,000
Sep 2717:00GGSOP #51$150 GGMasters [GGSOP Edition]$150.00$500,000
Sep 2718:00GGSOP #52$100 GGSOP Mini Super MILLION$, $500K GTD$100.00$500,000
Sep 2718:30GGSOP #53$100 GGSOP MILLION$, $2M GTD [Final Day]$100.00$2,000,000
Sep 2720:00GGSOP #54$5 The Closer [LAST CHANCE]$5.00$20,000
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Stoyan Madanzhiev Wins the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event ($3,904,686) Stoyan Madanzhiev Wins the 2020 GGPoker WSOP Online Main Event ($3,904,686)