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Ami Barer Racks up THREE Incredible Victories at GGPoker

Ami Barer

Every poker tournament player dreams of having a big winning Sunday. Ami Barer certainly did that on November 22; he bulldozed his way to not one, not two, but three high stakes MTT titles at GGPoker! Barer saw his bankroll swell by more than $155,000 thanks to that trio of titles.

The first of Barer’s impressive victories came in the High Rollers Marathon $840, a tournament that attracted 323 entrants. Barer guaranteed himself at least $4,086 by reaching the final table but he had his sights set much higher.

He eventually found himself heads up against Mexico’s “StillFly YYY” and he got he job done, scooping the $48,145 top prize and leaving the runner-up to collect $35,371.

1Ami BarerCanada$48,145
2StillFly YYYMexico$35,371
3Preben StokkanUnited Kingdom$25,987
8Daniel ColpoysCanada$5,562

Victory number two came via the High Rollers PLO Bounty tournament that saw half of the $164,000 prize pool go on the heads of the 82 entrants and half into the main prize pool.

Barer excelled with four hole cards and bested a final table that included the likes of Idris Ambraisse and Christian Rudolph. His heads-up opponent was Russia’s “xBGx” who won a combined $16,343 leaving Barer to bank an additional $55,734.

PlacePlayerCountryPrizeBountiesCombined Prize
1Ami BarerCanada$13,984$41,750$55,734
3Christian RudolphAustria$11,491$3,875$15,366
5Idris AmbraisseMorocco$7,767$1,750$9,517
7J KronwitterAustria$5,250$2,250$7,500
8Rui FerreiraCroatia$4,317$1,000$5,317

The third of three Barer victories came in the PLO Crusaders High Roller, a $2100 buy-on affair attracting 114-players. The final table was ridiculously stacked with the likes of Niklas Astedt, Rui Ferreira, and Yuri Dzivielevski present and correct.

Barer found himself heads-up against Philippe D’Auteuil for the title. The pair have history because Barer bought up 50% of D’Auteuil’s action in a recent Super MILLION$ event and the latter walked away with more than $300,000!

There was no love lost between these Goliaths and Barer sent his friend to the showers to scoop another $51,957. The runner-up reeled in a $39,122 consolation score.

1Ami BarerCanada$51,957
2Philippe D’AuteuilCanada$39,122
3Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$29,457
5Rui FerreiraCroatia$16,701
6Niklas AstedtCanada$12,575
7Max LehmanskiAustria$9,469
8George WolffCanada$7,130
9huangdandanHong Kong$6,289

Check out some of the other highlights from GGPoker’s bustling Sunday schedule:

  • CheckEtoFold – first-place in the GGMaster High Rollers $1,050 for $178,644
  • Pascal Hartmann – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Mulligan $5,250 for $100,985
  • Benjamin Rolle – first-place in the High Rollers Blade Prime $5,250 for $97,629
  • Sol1d – first-place in the GGMasters $150 for $86,771
  • Nick Petrangelo – first-place in the High Rollers Blade opener $5,250 for $76,785
  • Anatoly Filatov – first-place in the Bounty Grand master HR $3,150 for $65,288*
  • static88 – first-place in the Battle of Malta #15: THE REVENGE for $65,147*
  • Mike Watson – first-place in the Sunday High Rollers $1,500 for $64,686
  • ZeBETO1963 – first-place in the Bounty Grand master $315 for $56,201*
  • TheBigKid – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Malta HR $525 for $46,863*
  • Notsure1f – first-place in the Sunday Main Event $200 - $41,735
  • ModusVivendi – first-place in the High Rollers Main Event $1,050 for $40,702
  • Man14c – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Main Event $210 for $39,145*
  • farball28 – first-place in the Let the Battle Begin $100 for $38,227
  • lordof0513 – first-place in the Sunday marathon $300 for $37,128
  • WhyNotChili – first-place in the Bounty Hunters Castle Siege HR $1,050 for $30,344*

*includes bounty payments

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Vogelsang Wins Big at partypoker

Christoph Vogelsang
Christoph Vogelsang

Christoph Vogelsang was one of the biggest winners at partypoker after the German defeated 138 of the world’s best poker tournament players in the High Roller Big Game. These 139 entrants each paid $2,600 for the chance of glory, meaning a $344,250 prize pool was created.

Alex Foxen burst the money bubble when he busted in 21st place. This paved the way for the likes of Mark Radoja, Thomas Muehloecker, David Yan, Pascal Lefrancois, and Roberto Romanello to see a return on their investment.

Each of the nine finalists won at last $9,122 but with more than $77,000 awaiting the champion they didn’t want that lesser sum.

Sosia Jiang, Alexandros Theologis, and Vojtech Skalak were the first three players to bust. Sam Grafton and Sebastian Sikorski followed suit before Justin Bonomo dusted off his stack in fourth-place.

Luke Reeves crashed out in third to leave Vogelsang and Sam Vousden heads-up. Vogelsang got his hands on the Finn’s chips and the $77,697 top prize, leaving Vousden to collect $55,933.

High Roller Big Game Final Table Results

1Christoph VogelsangUnited Kingdom$77,697
2Samuel VousdenFinland$55,933
3Luke ReevesUnited Kingdom$40,731
4Justin BonomoCanada$29,261
5Sebastian SikorskiCanada$20,655
6Sam GraftonUnited Kingdom$16,351
7Vojtech SkalakCzech Republic$13,425
8Alexandros TheologisUnited Kingdom$11,016
9Sasia JiangNew Zealand$9,122

These are some of the other big partypoker prizes awarded on November 22:

Jan-Eric Schwippert
Jan-Eric Schwippert
  • Jan-Eric Schwippert – first-place in the CPP #07 The Warm Up PKO for $100,272*
  • iliiiiya – first-place in the $1,111 High Roller One Shot for $44,066
  • Joris Ruys – first-place in the $530 Big Game for $43,795
  • elgato_volafor – first-place in the $777 Magnificent 777 for $20,539*
  • selinantis – first-place in the $109 Weekender for $19,526*
  • GrandeChuna – first-place in the $215 Warrior for $18,739*
  • Breno Heleno – first-place in the $55 Mini Big Game for $18,217

*includes bounty payments

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Brits Excel at 888poker

Two British grinders helped themselves to titles in two of 888poker’s biggest Sunday tournaments.

Jonathan “jgjg3000” Gill triumphed in the $25,000 Sunday Challenge PKO. He turned his $109 investments into a combined prize worth $5,575 with almost half that sum stemming from bounty payments.

Fellow Brit “Furzy123” won the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep, topping a field of 973 to secure the $18,350 top prize.

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EPT Online Main Event WhatIfGod Champion Wins Again

PokerStars is a happy hunting ground for Sweden’s “WhatIfGod”. They won the recent EPT Online Main Event for more than a million dollars and followed that up with victory in the $1,050 Sunday High Roller for another $62,443.

Dimitar Danchev
Dimitar Danchev finished sixth

WhatIfGod came out on top of a tough final table, one with the likes of “MITS 304”, Dimitar “KuuL” Danchev, and Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph at it. Rudolph fell in third place for $35,453, which left the Swedish star to lock horns with Russian grinder “Futti18”

Unsurprisingly, the Swede came out of the one-on-one battle unscathed and with the $62,443 first-place prize in tow. Futti18 had to make do with a $47,051 consolation prize, which is still pretty awesome for less than seven hour’s “work”.

3Christian “WATnlos” RudolphAustria$35,453
6Dimitar “KuuL” DanchevBulgaria$15,167
9MITS 304Netherlands$7,114

There was also a near-$30,000 score for Manig “swordfish007” Loeser in the $109 Sunday Cooldown. The UK-based German won the event and scooped $16,535 from the main prize pool, $12,181 from the bounty prize pool. For a combined prize weighing in at $28,716.

Other PokerStars highlights included:

  • KronoPP – first-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $39,060*
  • Pavels “Rigapols81” Spirins – first-place in the $215 Bounty Builder for $34,542*
  • martin “noirduck” Czuczor – first-place in the $109 Bounty Builder for $30,529*
  • VladTheSlaye – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $26,406*
  • Javier “que_te_crio” Fernandez – first-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $23,354
  • Anton “Bomber&Granater” Wigg – first-place in the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic for $22,819
  • Marlon “sphinmx” Wilhelms – first-place in the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $21,807
  • GnaRiverU – first-place in the $109 Sunday Kickoff for $16,521
  • tryckymartin – first-place in the $215 Fat Sunday for $14,447
  • MateeCocido – first-place in the Hotter $109 for $10,064

*includes bounty payments

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