MrGambol Denies Niklas Astedt First Super MILLION$ Title


Niklas Astedt’s wait to become a GGPoker Super MILLION$ champion continues after Austria’s “MrGambol” denied him at the final hurdle. MrGambol shone the brightest out of the 154-strong field and was deserving of their $324,053 score,.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (October 27, 2020)

2Niklas AstedtCanada$251,336
3Michael AddamoCanada$194,937
4Mark RadojaCanada$151,193
5Artur MartirosianRussia$117,266
6Georgios ManousosAustria$90,952
7Joao VieiraLuxembourg$70,542

The 154 starters were whittled down to the final table of nine on October 25. These nine superstars returned to the action on October 27 under the watchful eye of the GGPoker official Twitch stream.

It didn’t take long for the first final table casualty to be confirmed and it was Mexico’s “Nator” who fell by the wayside. Nator started the final table eighth in chips and in the need of a double-up. Nator jammed for a mere 2.5 big blind with ace-eight and Astedt called in the big blind with nine-six. Astedt flopped a straight and Nator was drawing dead after the turn.

$100 Satellite Win Turns Into $54,713

“RRomashka”, who qualified for this $10,300 buy-in event for only $100, lost a pot against Georgios Manousos and was left with a single big blind. There was no miracle comeback. Artur Martirosian raised to 88,000 from under the gun at the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level and Manousos called all-in for 48,163 from the next seat across. Mark Radoja called in the big blind and the flop came down trey-ten-ace. Radoja had flopped top and bottom pair, Martirosian’s pocket fives were no longer any good, but RRomaskha had paired his ten.

Radoja checked, Martirosian led for 71,041 only for Radoja to check-raise to 208,000. Martirosian folded, Radoja’s hand remained true, and the satellite qualifier headed for the exits.

Joao Vieira
Joao Vieira

Joao Vieira found himself as a short stack with 11 big blinds, but he was dealt pocket sevens so had a chance of getting himself back into contention. He raised to 350,000, leaving himself only 228,602 behind. Those chips went into the middle of the table when Radoja three-bet all-in for 1,075,981 from the small blind with a pair of queens in the hole. The Twitch commentary team said Radoja would flop quads and they weren’t far off with their prediction. Radoja flopped a set and turned quads to send Vieira to the showers.

Manousos crashed out a couple of minutes after Vieira’s exit. Manousos raised to 375,000 under the gun with ace-five of spade, a raise that left only 239,955 chips behind. Astedt pushed all-in from the small blind for 4,797,798 with ace-king and MrGambol tanked in the big blind with jacks in the hole before relinquishing his hand. Manousos, obviously, called. Astedt’s Big Slick held and Manousos busted, although MrGambol would have won a monster-sized pot has they called.

Watch the Super MILLION$ final table right here

First Six-Figure Prize of the Final Table

Artur Martirosian
Artur Martirosian

The final five became four 20-minutes later when Martirosian’s clash with Astedt didn’t exactly go to plan. Martirosian opened slightly more than twice the big blind to 110,000 from the button with ace-ten of diamonds. Astedt defended his small blind with a three-bet to 420,000 despite only holding ten-eight of clubs. Martirosian called.

Astedt fired a 303,600 continuation bet on the six-queen-ace flop and Martirosian called. The seven of clubs on the turn gifted Astedt a gutshot straight and a club flush draw so it wasn’t surprising to see him test the waters with a 653,976 bet, which was called. Astedt completed his straight with the arrival of a nine on the river and he ripped it in, putting Martirosian to the test for his remaining 1,644,901 chips. The Russian made the call only to see the 6.1 million pot slide to his opponent.

The players laddered up another payout spot when Radoja busted in fourth place. The hand started with a min-raise to 140,000 by MrGambol and a three-bet to 504,000 from the small blind by two-time WSOP bracelet winner Radoja. MrGambol called and watched on as the flop fell deuce-ten-nine. Radoja set the price to play at 329,000 and MrGambol paid the admission fee.

The seven of spades turn was greeted with an all-in pot-sized bet of 1,780,218 by Radoja and a call by MrGambol. Radoja held queen-nine of spades but MrGambol was leading with pocket aces and was a 68% favourite. The river bricked and Radoja busted.

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Heads-Up Reached; Astedt Leads

Michael Addamo
Michael Addamo

Three-handed play didn’t last two long; it ended with Michael Addamo’s quest for a fourth Super MILLION$ title fall short. Blinds were 40,000/80,000/10,000a and Astedt raised to 176,000 on the button with eight-seven suited. MrGambol ducked out of the way but Addamo stuck around in the big blind with jack-ten. The eight-six-jack flop saw both players check. Astedt improved to two pair on the turn when a seven landed. Addamo bet 139,260 and Astedt called.

The ace of clubs river completed a possible flush draw, but neither player held two clubs, not that they knew that. Addamo bet 175,000 into the 700,520 pot. Astedt responded with a raise to 1,087,333 only for Addamo re-raise to 2,399,899 leaving himself a handful of chips behind. Astedt tanked for almost three minutes before making the, correct, call.

Addamo’s last 80,000 chips went in on the next hand with ace-ten and he lost to the king-eight of MrGambol that made a straight.

That hand sent the tournament heads-up where Astedt held a 10,536,320 to 4,723,680 chip lead.

The elite duo traded blows and MrGambol eventually began clawing his way back into contention. A big pot went MrGambol’s way just before what turned out to be the final break of the tournament. Both players flopped a flush, MrGambol’s ten-high beat Astedt’s nine-high and the start of heads-up chip counts were reversed.

The final hand saw MrGambol raise to 264,000 with ace-eight and Astedt call with king-nine of diamonds. The flop fell king-eight-six with two spades and Astedt check-called a184,100 continuation bet. The ace of hearts improved MrGambol to two pair and he bet 934,710 into the 926,280 pot when Astedt checked again. That bet was called.

Astedt checked again when the seven of spades completed the board. MrGambol moved all-in for 3,139,758 chips effective and Astedt eventually called, handing the title and the $324,053 top prize to last week’s runner-up MrGambol.

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