Get Professional Poker Training for Free with The Secret - Coaching for Profits by Best Poker Coaching

The Secret - Coaching for Profits by Best Poker Coaching

Do you love six-max cash games and are looking to take your game to the next level like many others are from around the world?

Unless you don't care about money, you should be looking to improve your game whether you are a winning player looking to improve their win-rate or a losing player looking to turn profitable.

One great option many successful players have chosen to improve their game is the The Secret - Coaching for Profits by

The beautiful part of this program is that the poker coaches only get paid if you win. This motivates the coaches to have a vested interest in your progress and allows to put their money where their mouth is.

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Why Choose The Secret - Coaching for Profits?

There are many options for you to choose from when looking for a poker coach. Some could be good for your game and some might not help at all.

You could be out of pocket for thousands of dollars before you realize you chose the wrong one.

There are two major coaching dilemmas that students have encountered when paying for poker coaching.

  1. Many great players are often horrible coaches.
  2. Many coaches that sound good, but what they teach simply does not work in real life. The same reason why many “economy professors” are teaching but have never made any money in the real world.

It can be debated which strategy is best and on paper no strategy or business plan has ever failed. However, when rubber meets the road, real life happens.

This is why only paying a coach based on your profits is the most fair system and any coach that is confident enough in their skills should offer coaching for profits.

Unfortunately, most coaches simply charge for their time and the pressure is on you instead of the coach alongside you to improve your game.

The great news is that poker coaches only get paid when you profit with the The Secret - Coaching for Profits by, which differentiates themselves from other options.

About The Secret - Coaching for Profits by Best Poker Coaching

Best Poker Coaching has been offering coaching for profits for a decade with crazy success as you can witness at the Hall of Fame page and case studies.

There wouldn't be The Secret - Coaching for Profits plan if not for the first student's success. The first student named Steven grinded out 300,000 hands in the first month of the program and went on to make $100,000 in just nine months!

Alloin, one of the other many students to profit as much as €60,000 in the Coaching for Profits program had this to say about the program.

"I can’t even understand how I was able to win before. They don’t take any bullshit. If you want to make money playing poker, this is the right place."

The program requires a €499 security deposit but this is more than fair considering the amount of thousands of dollars worth of material and coaching you will receive. The security deposit is returned upon completion of the program.

This is in place to show that a student will take the course seriously as anyone can join this program with no contracts signed and no personal information exchanged including names and addresses.

Students can trust Best Poker Coaching since under The Secret - Coaching for Profits program profits are split 50/50. In other words, Best Poker Coaching only makes money when you win.

The Secret - Coaching for Profits program focuses on three things as follows:

  1. Teach a strategy that is as simple as possible but not simpler (in the words of Einstein). It is Best Poker Coaching's famous NOBS strategy, which has been tested over billions of hands.
  2. Provide the softest games for our students.
  3. Mentor their students, especially in tough times.

Players joining the program can expect a minimum of two weekly group coachings as well as individual one-on-one coaching and mentorship.

The live training is both hands on and fun. Hands and strategies are discussed and there are usually very interesting and fun topics.

Students also have access to their coach around the clock via a variety of methods including WhatsApp and Telegram.

The program isn't a timed program as it will last until you make $5,000. Students can quit for any reason as there is no contract signed. In other words, there is no risk to the student.

The coaches went through the same program and this is a way to give back. Of course, they are also in it for the money, which is good news for prospective students as they will be motivated to maximize your game as quickly as possible.

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The Secret - Coaching for Profits General Overview

The Secret - Coaching for Profits dashboard is broken out into four sections as follows:

  • Contacts and Guides
  • Live Training and Archives
  • NOBS 6-max Strategy
  • Play and Explain Videos

This allows you to find what you are looking for quick and easy.

The rest of this review will focus on each of the four parts of the dashboard.

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Contacts and Guides

The Contacts and Guides section won't do anything to improve your game but does provide some useful information.

In this section you will find the contact information for Best Poker Coaching as well as have the links to the WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook groups which you should participate in to get the most out of the coaching program.

This section is the best place to start as it share a "how-to" guide for many aspects of the program including:

  • How to join exclusive community VIP group.
  • How to join live coaching sessions.
  • How to ask questions during live coaching sessions.
  • How to share and discuss hand histories.

NOBS 6-max Strategy

The NOBS 6-max Strategy Bootcamp is an integral part of The Secret - Coaching for Profits and is worth the value of the program alone considering it is sold separately for €997. This is on top of other specific secret strategies that aren't available for sale.

According to BPC founder Gordon, the NOBS stategy is so simple "that is shouldn't work, but it works anyway."

The bootcamp has not only been a proven success with many players transforming into consistent winners but is also scientifically tested over billions of hands through rigorous database analysis.

In order to master any poker variant that involves a flop, players must start understanding how to best play preflop. This is especially true for six-max NLHE cash games.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the bootcamp starts with very simple preflop strategies after a short "Introduction" chapter. Players will be tought quickly how to play preflop. The biggest problem some students have will not be to remember the rules, but having the discipline to follow them.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken and there are also specific videos covering the rules as well as going in detail through many scenarios where exceptions to the rule are warranted.

The next big sections are "On the Flop", "On the Turn", and "On the River" where students will find specific advice on how to play against a flop check-raise, which hands to go broke with, and much more.

Similarily, players will learn which hands to specifically fold and more importantly why they should fold. The same goes on the turn and river. Whether a check, bet, raise, or re-raise, all possibilities are covered.

In addition to that, there will be many practical hand examples that show the strategy in action. You can see the coach in live action explaining in a very simple and logical way when students made a mistake.

There are also sections on "3Bet Pots" and "Facing Donkbets" that provide tons of valuable information to improve your game.

One extremely valuable section is "How to Play Specific Hands". Very often players get in trouble with premium holdings with big pairs, big slick, and hands like ace-queen or aren't fully optimizing the situation.

This big section not only focuses on these types of hands but also hands with weaker aces, suited connectors, strong overpairs, weak overpairs, and small and medium pocket pairs.

These chapters teach the same strategy as in previous chapters, but simply from a different angle. While in previous chapters the strategy was taught based on the situation (like what to do vs a flop check-raise), in this situation the student will see the strategy in action based on the hand strength.

Students that know which hands they have trouble with can use this section to improve this aspect of their game. For example, if players find they are losing a lot of money with {a-}{k-}, they can focus on the "How to Play AK" chapter to master how to play this premium hand. In addition, this is a great reference section for students as they progress their game.

This is not all, as the NOBS strategy program also has three more valuable sections including "Common Specific Situations", "Exploiting/Playing Against Fish", and "Bonus: Mixed Hand History Review".

Live Training and Archive

Students should gain enough knowledge from the NOBS 6-Max Stategy chapters in order to already have improved their game. This doesn't mean that The Secret - Coaching for Profits program ends here as students also have access to live training courses in the Live Training and Archive section.

Best Poker Coaching Training Calendar
Best Poker Coaching Training Calendar

Coaching sessions at Best Poker Coaching are offered for Spin & Go, Zoom, NL 6-max, PLO, and MTT. Students of The Secret - Coaching for Profits program will have free access to all the NL 6-max videos that go hand-in-hand with the program.

Students can also join the other coaching sessions but would first need to purchase VIP access at the site to do so. Rest assured, that these videos are not needed for the program as they all feature different poker formats than 6-max NLHE cash games and are really just there for those that want to learn something different such as MTTs or Spin & Go's.

These sessions usually focus on one aspect of the game and it is interactive in a way that you can ask questions. Rest assured that if a student isn't sure which questions should be asked, they can be almost guaranteed they will be asked by someone else as there are other eager students in the class that will ask.

This is a great learning tool and fits in perfectly with lessons learned during the NOBS 6-Max Strategy program.

Students shouldn't worry about when they can't make a live session they were keen on attending as the past three months of material will be available to be absorbed via archive videos. This is also a good feature for those that watched a coaching session live and wished to go back and more deeply immerse themselves into the topic a few days later.

Although students won't be able to ask questions in an archived video, it does provide plenty of useful information for those that couldn't make the live training session due to other commitments they may have.

Play and Explain Videos

The Play and Explain Videos section is likely an area you will only visit once. Although, it is there for you if you need to go back.

The Secret - Coaching for Profits program requires you to play on certain Apps. This section focuses mostly on how to get the most out of your play on these Apps.

Here is a look at all of the chapters with more coming soon:

  • How to set up an Emulator
  • How to use the app features
  • Theory Video - Crushing the Apps
  • First liveplay session
  • Second liveplay session

Great Value

In conclusion, we find that The Secret - Coaching for Profits by Best Poker Coaching provides excellent value.

Remember, the coaches at Best Poker Coaching only make money if their strategies work to improve your game, so they have a vested interest in taking your game to the next level.

  • Pay only if you profit with The Secret - Coaching for Profits by Best Poker Coaching.

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