Advance Your No Limit 6-Max Shorthanded Play with This Masterclass from Best Poker Coaching

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Do you enjoy six-max cash games?

They are full of action and can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing.

Not everyone can be an elite player but you can be well on your way with the NL 6-max Masterclass at Best Poker Coaching.

The Masterclass was designed the way modern learning should be with many short video lessons on specific topics to help bring your game to the next level from the bottom up.

The course normally costs $1,997 but is currently available on the Best Poker Coaching website at less than half the normal price at $997.

This is a high-quality luxury product that might still prove to be too expensive for your budget even with the initial discount.

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About Best Poker Coaching

Best Poker Coaching was founded in 2011 by cash game grinder Gordon, who was crushing games as high as NL $10K.

The site wasn't intentionally intended to be a coaching site. Instead, it began with a public challenge that involved helping losing players win $100,000 within nine months.

The challenge was a huge success and the site took off from there with their popular Coaching for Profits program.

Best Poker Coaching now features plenty of resources including seven Masterclasses available to the public for purchase including the innovative NL 6-max Masterclass which we will get into shortly.

Other classes include NOBS-6-max-Bootcamp, Zoom, MTT, Spin & Go, PLO, and Hand2Note Masterclass.

Diving into the NL 6-max Masterclass

As someone that has dabbled into six-max games, I quickly learned that I still had much to learn as soon as I dived into the NL 6-max Masterclass.

The class provided an excellent theoretical and practical foundation in all aspects of six-max gameplay and an understanding of how players think about the game from an advanced level as opposed to someone that just plays by feel.

The course covers all of the most frequently occurring spots in six-max no-limit hold'em ring games and is designed to allow players to profitably move up stakes.

One thing you will notice right away is that the course is very well structured with a dozen different topics listed below, each broken out into sub-topics.

TopicNumber of Videos
1. Preflop16
2. Basic Toolbox6
3. Aggressor IP (In Position)20
4. Aggressor OOP (Out Of Position)19
5. Aggressor Toolbox11
6. Defender IP (in Position)11
7. Defender (OOP) Out of Position18
8. Defender Toolbox6
9. Special Spots23
10. Archive100+
11. Zoom Archive60
12. Mindset10

The instructional videos provide the perfect mix of theoretical and practical topics. They are short and to the point to provide you a very systematic way of learning.

This allows you to reflect back and make certain you took in everything you needed before moving onto the next topic.

Another benefit to short videos is that if you need to brush up in a certain area after completing the course, you can always go back easily pinpoint what you need to review again.

Regardless of whether you are watching a theoretical or practical instructional video or one of the longer webinars is that they are clear and simple. The videos are high quality, stylish, and fun with some of the chapters referring to poker movies, James Bond, and poking fun at politics.


The videos are just part of what you get as the course includes free advanced preflop ranges.

Read more to learn about each of the topics in the NL 6-max Masterclass.

1. Preflop

Understanding preflop play can't be underestimated. After all, mistakes made preflop can easily be compounded into bigger mistakes postflop.

So in other words, it makes sense that the course should start off with this as the rest of the course will build from understanding the first chapter.

The Preflop chapter features 16 different short videos, each from six to nine minutes in length. This allows time to digest each subject before moving onto the next one.

The first six videos focus on the poker tracking app Hand2Note, which Best Poker Coaching obviously has a custom HUD for designed for six-max ring games. This takes you from set-up all the way through analyzing opponents.

After that, you will dive into 10 more theoretical topics which will cover just about every spot you can think of preflop. There is also a video titled Using the Preflop Charts, which will prove to be invaluable when studying.

2. Toolbox

The Toolbox chapter features six videos of up to 15 minutes each. Quantity isn't the issue here as three important topics listed below are covered each with a theoretical video followed up by another video with examples.

  • The Golden Formula
  • Vulnerability
  • Pot Growth

Understanding each of these three topics will provide a great foundation in not only six-max NLHE ring games but also to other poker variations as well.

3. Aggressor IP (In Position)

It is usually a nice advantage to be able to play postflop pots in position. It is certainly an area where you will want to minimize mistakes and maximize your potential outcome.

The Aggressor IP chapter provides everything you will need to get that firm understanding with 20 different videos featuring a healthy mix of Theory, Examples, and Webinar styles.

The first three videos focus on c-betting preflop with the next four focusing on the action on the turn. Four more videos then focus on the action on the river with two dedicated to c-betting in position and the other two focusing on three-barrel bluffing.

After this, there are a Theory and an Examples video for Playing vs Turn and another pair of videos for Playing vs River.

The chapter wraps up with five videos dedicated to facing donk bets on all three streets.

4. Aggressor OOP (Out of Position)

You can't always be in position when you are the aggressor preflop. You will also find yourself out of position often enough where it is important to understand the best approaches.

This chapter has your back with 19 instructional videos including Theory, Examples, and Webinars.

The topics provide a robust understanding about c-betting as well as defending a check on all three streets.

5. Aggressor Toolbox

As if the previous chapters weren't enough to cover preflop aggression there is more with the fifth chapter Aggressor Toolbox providing 13 more videos.

Once again, this section features short theory videos along with slightly longer Examples videos. There are also five Webinars of around an hour each covering different aspects of how to play when you were the preflop aggressor.

6. Defender IP (In Position)

The next three chapters each focus on how to play when you were defending a hand instead of showing preflop aggression.

The first of the trio of chapters focuses on how to best play postflop when defending in position with 11 videos.

The videos show how to approach different situations on the flop, turn, and river including two videos on Float Betting.

7. Defender OOP (Out of Position)

Knowing how to play when you defending preflop and are out of position postflop can be challenging to many. It can also be an area where it becomes more difficult as you move up stakes.

The Defender OOP chapter provides 18 informative videos once again with a nice mix of Theory, Examples, and Webinars.

The topics cover just about every aspect of play when in these situations including probe betting and what to do when facing a triple-barrel.

8. Defender Toolbox

As was the case with the trio of Aggressor chapters, the final Defender chapter is the Defender Toolbox.

This section focuses on Bluffcatching the River, Playing vs Delayed Cbets, and River Onebets. Each of these three topics features two videos with the first being a Theory video followed by an Examples video.

9. Special Spots

The course could end here and be well worth the initial $1,997 price tag, nevermind the $498.50 you can gain access to the Masterclass with by using the "PN50" code when checking out.

We recommend checking out the next chapter titled Special Spots after you feel you have grasped the knowledge you need to grow in the first eight chapters as this chapter builds on that knowledge with 23 informative videos.

The first 13 videos focus on different aspects of 3-bet pots followed by five videos about how to approach limped pots and another five about playing multiway pots.

10. Archive

The Archive provides a wealth of information with more than 100 videos and growing. This section features replays of the many of the live Webinars, which by themselves could likely sell as a stand-alone product.

The videos not only reinforce topics already covered in the previous chapters of the course but also expands further while diving deep with each webinar approximately one hour in length.

11. Zoom Archive

The Zoom Archive is another repository for Webinars with dozens of Webinars

There is no shortage of information with the Zoom Archive covering a variety of topics hosted by some of the best cash game coaches in the world.

12. Mindset

A healthy poker mindset is not something to be underestimated. If you grind cash games online, it is very easy to get annoyed by a bad beat or let something away from the tables stray you away from playing optimally.

We recommend that you watch all 10 videos produced by three different coaches in "W34s3l", Alan Jackson, and Ivan "m1ndCtrl".

Unlike the last two sections, you can watch this at any time. Additionally, you will find that improving your poker mindset will help not only with applying the concepts of this course but in poker in general.

Great Value

In conclusion, we find that the NL 6-max Masterclass at Best Poker Coaching provides excellent value for the money.

Sign-up to the NL 6-max Masterclass at Best Poker Coaching to advance your six-max ring game skills.

  • See how the NL 6-max Masterclass at Best Poker Coaching can take your game to the next level.

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