Battle Against ElkY and Fedor Holz in GGPoker's New Flip & Gos

Read what ElkY and Fedor Holz think about GGPoker's new Flip & Go tournaments

GGPoker's new Flip & Go tournaments have been live in the client for a couple of weeks now, and players have been getting to grips with them.

The innovative combination of flips and normal tournament play make them attractive to novices, as well as experienced players.

In fact, GGPoker Ambassadors Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Fedor Holz are both fans, and we caught up with them for a chat about how they're enjoying Flip & Gos.

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PokerNews: Hey guys, thanks for speaking with us. Tell us, what did you make of the Flip & Go tournaments when you first found out about them?

Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier: I instantly loved the concept. It's a great idea, to be able to jump directly to the most exciting phase of the tournament.

Fedor Holz: I like the format a lot. I personally like to have the thrill of tournaments in faster formats and this is skipping the early stage and goes right into my favorite part of the tournament which is the Final Table, playing for the win.

Fedor Holz

BG: There are a few twists though, with customizable starting stacks and discarding a card, but it's super easy to grasp the concept.

PN: That's something that Daniel Negreanu said when we spoke to him, that they're "incredibly easy." Is this something that anyone can play?

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FH: I think it's quite easy to understand and you get into it quickly.

BG: Beginners have the ability to win the flip part almost as much as anyone. In fact it is the perfect game, because you can play and have fun with a good chance of winning instantly, but you can also improve yourself on the flip part, and of course the tournament part, all the time.

PN: Have you had time to figure out what the best strategies are for Flip & Gos?

BG: They've only just come out! Flip & Go strategies aren't going to be very refined yet.

FH: I think for the flipping part it's important to check which cards are already dead in our opponent's holdings. Also some connected hands or suited perform better in multi-way all-ins, where sometimes you should discard the high card.

BG: Look for the outs to your hand out there, to decide what to go for, be it for flushes, straights or pairs.

Bertrand Grospellier

PN: And the rest of the tournament? Any advice for that part?

FH: I think it's about playing a rather solid style, not getting too out of line.

PN: It looks like poker players are really enjoying Flip & Gos. What do you think it brings to the poker landscape?

BG: It embodies what GGPoker has been doing for years, bringing the FUN back in poker, without denaturing the game.

FH: It's a nice mix of variance and skill and it's fun. I'm looking forward to see how it develops, but I'm certain that people will enjoy this format.

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  • Read what ElkY and Fedor Holz think about GGPoker's new Flip & Go tournaments

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