Benjamin Rolle Wins Latest GGPoker Super MILLION$ ($424,580)

Benjamin Rolle

Benjamin Rolle came out on top of a GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table and secured the massive $424,580 top prize. Winning this $10,300 buy-in event is difficult enough at the best of times, but Rolle managed to emerge victorious despite sitting down at the final table eighth in chips!

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results

1Benjamin RolleAustria$424,580
2Michael ZhangBrazil$327,396
3Nick PetrangeloCanada$252,457
4Laurynas LevinskasAustria$194,671
5Bert StevensMexico$150,111
7U LOSSERIndia$89,257
8Andrii NovakUkraine$68,826
9Aliaksei BoikaMexico$53,072

Rolle won a big pot on the first hand if the final table when he turned two pair and expertly allowed Andrii Novak to bluff off the majority of chips with a missed draw. Rolle never really looked back from that point on.

Aliaksei Boika busted in ninth-place. He was left with less half a small blind when his ace-ten lost to the ace-king of former Super MILLION$ champion Bert Stevens. Boika hit two pair on the river but Stevens had made a superior two pair on the flop. Boika busted on the very next hand when his lowly eight-five of hearts lost to “WatWudHaraldSDo” who held ace-jack.

Novak never managed to recover from his early setback and he was the next player out of the door. Novak raised to 377,777 from middle position with ace-ten, leaving himself only 431,589 behind. The rest of Novak's chips went into the middle when Nick Petrangelo three-bet with a pair of nines in the hole. A queen-high board sent Novak to the showers.

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$100 Into $89,257

Seventh-place and $89,257 went to India’s “U LOSSER” who had qualified for this week’s Super MILLION$ from a $100 satellite. They busted during the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level. U LOSSER raised to 217,000 with pocket tens under the gun, Stevens three-bet to 2,333,100 from the button with pocket jacks, which priced out Michael Zhang and his ace-queen in the big blind. U LOSSER called off his remaining 983,588 stack and watched on in horror as his tens remained second-best on a board containing two aces.

The first six-figure prize of the evening went to WatWudHaraldSDo. You may recall from our final table preview that this Austrian player only joined GGPoker earlier this week. They now have a $115,752 prize to brag about!

Pocket tens were responsible for WatWudHaraldSDo’s demise. Steven raised a shade over twice the big blind to 168,000 with pocket kings in the cutoff. Rolle three-bet all-in for 1,343,219 on the button with king-six of spades, before WatWudHaraldSDo four-bet all-in for 2,894,623 in the big blind with pocket tens. Stevens snap-called and was a substantial favorite to win a monster-sized pot. Amazingly, Rolle more than doubled his stack to 4,119,657 when he caught a runner-runner straight on the river. Ouch.

Former Champion Stevens Showered

Five-handed play lasted for more than 90-minutes before Stevens crashed out. Stevens three-bet all-in over a Petrangelo button raise on hand before he busted and Petrangelo folded. Petrangelo didn’t fold to Stevens’ second shove, however, he called with pocket jacks and was against Stevens’ suited ace-nine. The queen-high board left Stevens with no chips.

Fourth-place was all but decided one hand after Steven’s demise. Laurynas Levinskas min-raised to 320,000 with ace-queen and called when Michael Zhang ripped it in from the small blind for 3,901,734 with pocket fours. Levinskas was left with only four big blinds in his stack and these were committed with seven-five of clubs which beat Zhang’s pocket fours.

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Any thoughts of an epic comeback were dashed when shoved with pocket threes for 7.5 big blinds and they lost to the ace-ten of Zhang courtesy of an ace on the river.

Petrangelo lost a huge pot to Zhang who made an impressive call with one pair when Petrangelo had air. Petrangelo was left with less than one small blind, which he tripled up on the next hand.

He doubled again with jack-nine versus Zhang’s ace-seven, stole the blinds on the hand after, but decided to call all-in with queen-five against a Zhang shove. Zhang showed ace-deuce, which held to bust Petrangelo and boost his stack to 16,288,844 with 21,000,000 chips in play.

Rolle pulled to within four-million chips of Zhang before taking the lead during the 175,000/350,000/45,000a level. Rolle got his hands on Zhang’s stack and the title during the next level.

Rolle initially limped for 400,000 with ace-six of clubs, Zang pushed his 6,052,606 chips into the middle of the table with queen-ten, and Rolle called. An ace on the flop proved enough to bust Zhang in second place and lock up the $424,580 top prize for the comeback king Rolle.

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